I realized how clunky my website was

The theme I used previously for my website was a great one. It was simple and showed a lot of what I wanted to show. I had no problems with it. When I showed my friend who has her own website, she said the navigation wasn’t great. I hadn’t realized it because I usually know where to go when I’m navigating my own site. However, the menu tab was a small symbol on the top right corner, barely visible especially with the background picture I set. I decided to use the Shapely theme since it is just as simple but it has the menu tab on the top.

Trump’s victory

The election results may have angered many people and instigated protests among those who voted against Trump. Reddit has exploded along with other social media, demanding for his imminent removal.

On the other hand, we have people poking fun at this situation, making videos and gifs on Trump’s victory.

Although Trump’s views are controversial, he was elected through the same system that every other president was elected with. I can’t say who I’m with, but protesting is surely not the right approach to this since the election is set in stone.

But seriously, a meme has been elected president. That’s remarkable.