EVO 2017 Trailer

Well I can’t say I’m not excited for this. However, it still seems too early since the previous one ended a few months back.

Trump’s victory

The election results may have angered many people and instigated protests among those who voted against Trump. Reddit has exploded along with other social media, demanding for his imminent removal. On the other hand, we have people poking fun at this situation, making videos and gifs on Trump’s victory. Although Trump’s views are controversial, he… Continue reading Trump’s victory

Skype Links

The other day I received a message from my friend’s old account which hasn’t been used in years. It was a link to a Chinese browser “Baidu”. I ignored it as I knew it was a malicious link. Recently on WordPress news, I saw a link that redirected to a wptavern page. It explained the same… Continue reading Skype Links