Weekly Reflection 4

I think a student or teacher would want their own domain name because they want to have their own website that lets everyone know more about them. They also probably would  want their own domain name so that they could run their own system with their own rules and settings. A lot of people have their own domain name for a business or company so others will know that they’re separate from places that may have  a name. If I find a domain name I want the domain name to be something that describes me, something that I like or something I like to do.

Weekly Reflection 3

Social media is very popular nowadays and almost everyone uses some kind of social media service. Either its Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram they all have the same purpose and that’s to share what’s on your mind or what you find interesting with everyone else. I have a Facebook account to connect with friends and to read what they’ve shared from previous posts. This is probably a public account because I know all the people I have as friends on Facebook. The other account I have is for Youtube but I use my Gmail account to sign onto it. This is also a public account because if I ever want comment on certain videos I just log into the account and post away.

Weekly Reflection 2

For this semester the two assignments I hope to accomplish are photoshop and visual design. I haven’t learned how to photoshop but I’ve seen it done on a bunch of websites and I know I can learn the techniques to create my own work. I also hope to learn and achieve visual design so that I can make unique art of my own. I think its good thing that we get to choose the assignments because it shows what we’re comfortable with doing and how we like to create different things. Although I probaly won’t get all the points for every assignment I’ll try my best to get as much as possible.pjs

Although I really want to learn a lot from this class and many of the topics look interesting when I’m on the computer I get lazy because I know I have a lot work to do which is the reason why I chose this gif. Sometimes if I just sit back in the chair it helps me work things out one at a time.

Weekly Reflection 1

I watch a lot of cartoons and one of my favorites is Tom and Jerry. So I found a video on youtube video that had a compilation of episodes of Tom and Jerry. I used the website makeagif.com to take part of the scene from the video and made a gif. This website made it easier for me to learn how to make a gif. But I would also like to learn how to make gifs from pictures. The scene was from the episode of Tom and Jerry called The Cat and the Mermouse. This was how the gif I made came out.NauticalNonsense

I’m good at using the computer and I was surprised I was able to figure out how to make this gif. I know I’ll be able to learn a lot from this class. I would also like to learn how to use other applications like photoshop.