II Anthony Mason II

Looking at the history of my neighborhood, Springfield Gardens, I came across the names of a couple people who grew up there. One of the names were Anthony Mason, an NBA player. He died of heart failure recently this year, but had several points of success throughout his life. His NBA achievements included being a 2001 “NBA All Star”, 1997 “All-NBA Third Team”, 1997 “NBA All Defensive Second Team”, and the 1995 “NBA Sixth Man of the Year”. Although my neighborhood has a negative side to it, its good to know that someone positive has came out of it.

“If you wanna be something, keep striving for it no matter how long it takes.”

– Anthony Mason


II Pottery Painting II

I’d like to take the time to recommend a trip, for anyone interested, to “Earth Arts” in Long Beach, NY (Full Address: 162 W Park Ave, Long Beach, NY 11561). Looking for an activity for a friend and I to do for her birthday, I came across this store for canvas painting, pottery painting, and a few others. To anyone looking to become better at painting, “Earth Arts” offers classes. My friend and I chose to paint pottery and we enjoyed ourselves. One of the great things about art is that it can put in a calm state of mind when focused on it. My friend was so caught up in her painting that, afterwards, she laughingly told me that she forgot I was with her at one point. When finished with paintings, the store puts their finishing touches on the potteries and calls on the day that they are ready for pickup.




II Freestanding II

In my opinion, the majority of the world ,including myself, have placed limitations on themselves for various reasons. One of my reasons for liking the movie “Forrest Gump” is because Forrest does, mostly, whatever he wants without hesitation. The randomness of the movie is a result of his impulsed actions. Although Forrest does silly things out of misunderstanding, he shows me that there is no set way of thinking.

What started out as a “little run” for Forrest turned out to be a run across the country.