Goodbye Post

So this week we created our own websites. I was surprised at how smooth everything went although I couldn’t use my first name and last name as my URL I settled for putting my middle initial in it. Luckily no one had that name before. After that moving through all the other steps were pretty easy until I couldn’t figure out how to sign back into the word press for the website. So when I got home I found at how to sign back in through the back end of my website. All in all Im pretty excited to start my website and add more things I am interested in. Like the GIF below, if you haven’t watched Stranger Things, you should its one of the best shows to binge watch. Check out this Website if you wanna see why you should watch it !

Oh and heres my website ! 

Psycho Portrait

So today we needed to work on our GIF portrait project.Since I love horror movies I choose this picture of Marion Crane from the movie Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock. You can’t talk about horror movies without Hitchcock and this is one of the most famous scenes from the movie. After taking a really long time to do the transparency and then another really long time getting rid of the background I started to change the appearance. I figured giving her another mouth with a lower transparency would look cool since the focus is her screaming and gave her two extra eyes. Adding these extra things can make one of the most infamous scenes perhaps look even creepier. But overall I actually enjoyed working on this without getting frustrated like last time because I watched the tutorial online thats posted on our calendar about the animated graffiti.

Watch the clip here:


What your inspiration?

This week we had to pick two people that inspire us and find portraits. The first person I picked was Martin Scorsese who is one of my favorite directors. He has directed movies like Goodfellas and Shutter Island.If you haven’t watched Goodfellas I highly recommend you do, the acting is really well done and its hilarious.Here is a good article on the movie if someones is interested.

The second person I will use is John Hughes who has directed many of the 90’s movies that are still pretty infamous today like Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day off and Pretty in Pink.


Surprisingly I had a hard time with this assignment but I do like the end result. I was really good at using photoshop back in high school and this just reminded me how much i have forgotten already ! I wanted to practice more but since there wasn’t enough time in class I looked online to find another way to make a image move using filters. I saw IT recently and figured this was a good assignment to try it out.

If anyone else wants to try I used to create the GIF and used to create the different filters. Photoshop is a lot more smooth looking but its still cool to see how you can use other websites to do something similar.

Mad Motel

I didn’t have time to work on this assignment with a partner due to the bad internet connection in class so I chose two projects I am interested in.

The first project I am interested in completing is “wiring mirror scenes” where you have to find scenes from a show and compare them to show how they mirror each other in some way. I will use scenes from Bates Motel and Psycho. I think it would be cool to compare the prequel to the sequel.

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The second is “graphic gift” where you take a old advertisement and create a piece of cool clip art. One of my favorite shows is Mad Men so I can use one of Don’s advertisements for my project.

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I chose these assignments because when reading about what they would entail I realized I could use shows that I am interested in and utilize the content of the storylines. For the first post I can find pictures from the show and compare them myself. For the second post I would need to learn how create clip art. For “wiring mirror scenes” I think I could create a couple of posts and become more creative overtime. These skills are important because I am not a creative person so throughout the semester thats something I would like to improve on.