Caveira the GIF Master

In class, we learned how to make a GIF-based portrait using Photoshop. Personally, at first, I thought it would be easy due to my prowess in Photoshop and other Adobe products. However, this was not the case. I will say it was not hair-pulling difficult but it definitely took more attention and focus than what I expected.

For this particular project, I chose to use my favorite operator known as Caveira. Caveira is an operator from the BOPE unit in Brazil in the game Rainbow Six Siege. She is inspirational to me in the sense that I truly respect her character design and background paired along with her abilities. In the GIF above we see her using her Silent Step ability to sneak up on an enemy and then using her Interrogation ability to reveal the position of the enemy team. The sheer fear that is instilled into teams when a Caveira is around is my favorite part as I have to not wander off or else I’m getting interrogated.

Overall, this project took a bit of patience to understand and I am happy with the finished product in respect to my favorite operator.

Learning New Skills In CT101

So sadly I missed our most recent class but that is definitely not going to stop me. The power of memes drives my will on to stay in line with assignments. It appears that we had to choose one assignment to from the DS repository that we feel we can complete and one that we can learn how to do that might be a challenge.

The Lowlights assignment was the first to come into mind when I thought of something that would be a challenge for me. I’ve made montages in the past but I’ve never really made one where it’s me failing. I want to improve my Premiere skills as much as possible, so this was a choice of what I can see as an incredibly fun challenge.

On the flip side, something that is incredibly easy that I can do in about 30 seconds is the Creepy Anime Eye project. I am always learning new things in Adobe and I saw this project and said to myself, “Hmm, this is pretty interesting, I’ll test it real quick.” It literally was probably the quickest project I learned how to do.

Overall I don’t mind at all doing either of these projects and would enjoy doing as many of them as possible. For me this is fun, not work. I hope from this I hope to know these projects like the back of my hand and not reference a tutorial every one in a blue moon.


Memes Are Definitely Art.

So I have been tasked with deciding whether memes are art or not. When I think of an immediate example of art, I think of the different art pieces that were made during the Renaissance. But now that I think about it deeply, memes are definitely art.

Memes to me embody art, not in a sense of creating something from scratch. However, memes are usually simple things that are taken from pop culture and used to create amusing pieces of content.

Memes usually always invoke a feeling of happiness to me. They seem to always be creative and use the perfect situation in their imagery. From the scarily basic “normie” memes to the tier 4 complicated memes, they are always great.

Being tasked to make memes is no laughing matter just as art. It can be taken seriously while also being fun. Memes need to affect a large enough amount of people to become mainstream and popular much like art. They need to last and cause an emotional reaction as well.

Overall, when one looks at art in comparison to a meme, they may not see the true values of art within memes. Memes do a good job of mashing culture together and can reflect any emotion. Also, some may be difficult to understand for “normies.” CT-101 so far has been a great experience with memes and I feel it can only get better.

Gaming Is Weird and Fun

Throughout my day I find many outlets of media on the internet that make me happy. Whether it’s finding funny YouTube videos to seeing memes on Reddit, there is always something fit for me.

The GIF above is from an older video from Vanoss on YouTube. Vanoss’s  friend WILDCAT was swapping through random accessories in Grand Theft Auto 5 and it was hilarious. I’ve gone back these days to gaming videos that used to make me laugh when I was younger. They still do to this day.

I really enjoy anything gaming related at all. Whether videos or just memes, I am happy with it. I especially love rage videos where people such as DashieGames here get upset over fan-made Super Mario Maker levels and does insanely funny editing to his videos.

Not only do I watch a lot of gaming videos, but from time to time I post my own. I rarely post but when I do, it’s a blast. Here we weren’t entirely sure what happened. I recorded a game of squad matches with my friends in Fortnite. We didn’t know if this guy was hacking or this was just a visual problem. Nonetheless, no words can amount to how hard I was wheezing and laughing watching this unfold.

I always have the best moments when playing video games with my friends. The content I post is always the highlights from those moments that I found the best. It always also allows me to learn more about video editing which is an insanely fun hobby. There is always a sense of satisfaction when making gaming videos for me. I see memes and funny videos all the time but to actually make one is just way more gratifying. Like here I didn’t know if I should have made this “minor disagreement” dramatic or not. I toyed around with slowing down the audio and video while also making it black and white. It turned out to be hilarious.

Upon further reflection of my old content, I realize how happy video editing as a hobby along with gaming make me. Here I recorded an insane team wipe in a game known as Overwatch. For non-Overwatch players, a team wipe is when a player or team dispose of the entirety of the enemy team in one play.  Usually, it would take team coordination to pull off a play like that, but I managed to do it by myself. This was a staple in my favorite gaming moments for quite some time. This is why gaming along with video editing has been a small passion for me. To create something that I enjoy viewing from others. That is what makes me happy.

The Joy of CT 101 and Memes

This was exactly the feeling I had when hearing the ring on my alarm clock at 6:45 in the morning. I hate morning classes with an extreme passion but this was my only option…sadly.

On my lengthy ride from Harlem to Queens, I had plenty of time to catch up on some Z’s or watch anime. Luckily, I was able to watch a couple of episodes of Samurai Champloo. Unluckily, I was very drowsy and hungry.

I had a lot of trouble finding the proper room where CT took place, as a new transfer student I had to adventure. I thought I would be late without even looking at my clock. However, I was hype to realize I was an hour early. Epic victory.

At first it was strange learning that there was no physical syllabus nor use of blackboard. However, I was intrigued at the breakthrough of the college norms.

Upon learning the context of the class, the floodgates of my mind were officially opened. As a person who loves memes to death and design on the internet, I knew this class was the perfect fit for me.

The pure sense of bliss and excitedness I feel as we speak is immense. I have never felt happier going to a 10 A.M. class or any other class for that matter. I have extremely high hopes for this class and look forward to every assignment in the future.