Goodbye Ct101

Man the semester has come to an end so fast and I think of all my classes this whole first semester i think this class was my favorite of them all. I learned a few online art skills and i got a chance to start my very own website that relates to basketball and a few people read it and think it is coming along very well. I have learned how to play with different art tools in customizing images to make them a jpg file.

We also learned how to make gifs which I think was the most fun part of the class and the most enjoyable part for me.

If I am being honest with myself I think that i deserve anywhere from a B- to an B because I have missed quite a few classes but I understood the materials and completed all assignments throughout the course and post blog posts regularly.

I will though keep up my website because i do feel confident and do love posting my blogs about things that interest me and other basketball players of the world and this is being part of a sports analysis/journalist so I am getting a good feel for it.


Mascots ares such a huge part of what the entire sports world is all about. When playing sports the biggest thing is to have a great time while in attendance and other than the athletes making the right play the other factor of that is the mascots that keep them locked in the game.

Animated GIF

They keep the crowd in it and even sometimes even get the players involved with the fun and laughter. They do such a great job at doing they’re job and keeping the fans and everyone into the game. Even if that means hitting some people along the way.

Animated GIF

Social Media

In today’s day and age it is so easy to be able to see and then follow the trends that are around. There are so many things that go around as trending and as funny especially with the fact of social media being involved with it.

Animated GIF

The video of this man literally going crazy then going stupid has went viral and the reason of this is simply because the use of social media. This video has made the trending page on Instagram and now has gotten over a one hundred million views on the internet. It is very funny and appealing to many and the fact that social media is everywhere it is so popular now. This weekend my friends and I have named a group chat this because it was so funny.

Are memes consider art

In my opinion I think that memes are a form of art and is one of the most creative ways of forming art. In recent years the ways of creating art there haven’t been many ways of creating art online and gifs have opened that option for a few years now. Gifs are mostly a funny type of art but a art non the less. It allow people to be creative and share their creative thoughts with others. It’s also easier now to get this type of art around because majority of the world’s population is on the internet and social media.

How this class makes me feel

As a freshman who is in his second semester at York College this is my first art class really. When I got Ct101 put on my schedule I was more curious then I was excited because I had never heard of anyone talking about a digital story telling class so I had no clue what I was in for entering the class.

Now that I have actually started the class it has been way better than I had expected. Since I have been attending the class I have been learning how to have fun with memes and to be honest that has been the best part of the . class. Being that I am always looking at funny memes on the internet learning how to make memes of my own is very fun. I don’t think the course will be very hard but more fun and creative than any other course that i have had  so far in York so I am looking forward to anything else that we do this semester.