The poll in class today assisted me in getting my act together in terms of the time I spend outside class on my assignments. So after I left class today, I drove for two hours in the snow to pick up my children. We went to the hospital to visit their grandfather, got home made dinner. I was so tired after dinner, that I had to take a nap which took me 10 ‘o clock. Now I am up and energized I am here writing my blog and reflecting on my day.

The “blog post check in” really helped me today to re-evaluate how I have been doing regarding my blogs. The blog post check-in gave some guidance as to ways to make my blog into a digital story masterpiece. Each piece of writing is a story, so as such title, format, grammar, climax is all a part of the elements of the story, people’s interest in my piece will depend on my effort in writing a noteworthy piece.

I am ready for this…I have my domain name from the first day of class. I can’t wait to begin my metamorphosis


Not in Compliance!!!

I am embarrassed, but I haven’t kept up to my end of the contract regarding my blogposts.  After doing survey number two, I realize that I was leaving out some key elements from my blogposts. I was not considering, grammar and spelling, adding links to sites etc. Hello, it is storytelling so following some of the rules of writing is pretty cool and appropriate in this case.

So, I feel like the media looking into Hillary Clinton…she is not in compliance regarding her transparency with emails  am not in compliance with my blogs. So here goes, I just added a reference to a link about Hilary Clinton. Yes, I had to get help from the college assistance, but I did it.

So, now I plan to get in compliance….I am going to pick up my tools and use it…BULLS EYE AND KEEP IT MOVING!




Last weeks assignment!

Last week we learned to make a GIF. I was lost and decided I would try it on my own at home. Well, that didn’t work out since my father in law got sick and the rest of my time was spent going back and forth in the hospital…life happens. So I was determine to learn. So I asked the tech at the computer lab for help and he sat and made it so simple as he demonstrated with input from me…he is an excellent instructor. Thanks for not making me feel silly! I asked about inserting the gif into my post and again he patiently walked me through the process! Now I am going to try one on my own …Hello World….!!!

Laughter is the best medicine!