Classmates websites

( I dedicated my website to the evolution of my own art work so I rather comment about my classmates websites here, I hope that’s okay)

The first website I want to talk about is my fellow classmates Syeda   … I really enjoyed my visit to her site because I learned so much. She tried out so many different artistic art styles that were really cool to see and to learn how to make. I am really happy I checked her site out, I was informed about websites I’ve never even heard of to help make my art work better. Her site definitly  help inspire my creativity…Great site Syeda!

Okay now Ernest!! I like your site and I am pretty impressed…I honestly wanted to dedicate my website for “my portfolio” as well but then I realized I had a lot to learn before I was able to “sell” myself through my website. I think it’s really cool how “focus” driven your site is, with your resume and all, that is awesome..Good luck with your music producing career …

Last but definitly not least website was really good as well I enjoyed looking at the art you created…She has a gif entitled “Nyc movement” which I really loved but I’m also a huge fan of vaporwave (even though I still haven’t had time to really focus on creating my own yet, but I WILL!!) and she has a lot of vaporwave art which I was instantly attracted too.

Exploring a few of my classmates sites was really cool and fun and I enjoyed  seeing everyones different styles of art. I have totally been inspired.



Friday the 13th–Official last post

Okay, this is officially my last post guyssssss 🙁 I just wanted to share this gif I made on photoshop. I never really made a animated photo from start to finish via photoshop so creating this gif was pretty fun but aggravating at the same time. I don’t really celebrate halloween but I thought this portrait was really fun to play  with in the spirit of halloween but more fun than scary…I probably should’ve animated more but i’ll get better with time….watch 😉 … Anyway now it’s time for me to start focusing on my website so check me out there..

WOWWWWWWW !!! I have my own website this is a huge deal to me, I am so excited! (even though I feel like i’m going to overthink the whole thing and be super nervous about posting anything.)   I always wanted a website so this opportunity is so awesome – To be able to have my own personal platform to express myself in my own unique (very weird, maybe) way is exciting!! it just makes me want to jump for JOY !

Buttttttttttttttt why do I feel so much pressure…. Like professor Seslow always say in class “we’re all selling something” with a platform like this i’m not really sure what i’m giving ughhhhhh it’s too much, too soon lol …. or am I overthinking it already?

hmmmmm…idk man, anyway I was pretty surprised at how easy the process was for the class to set up our domain name and officialize the websites, it was really like wham bam boom…your’e now website owners!!

Well back to my website info, its I named it that because I want this website to capture my “artistic” side, (I guess) lol…

I walked out of the IT movie

Okay, let me start off by saying I walked out of the It movie after like 20 minutes last night, Not that it was actually scary at all…

Maybe because I recently watched The Annabelle Creation, I had reached my scary movie limit but I just couldn’t sit in the movie theater for over 2 hours to watch that IT movie. It was extremely random from the start and I didn’t like the movie effects. I think i’m going to watch the movie on the fire stick just to finish it, maybe i’ll enjoy it more in the comfort of my own home….