First Day of CT101

When I first started this class, I was filled with anxiety because I didn’t know what I was up against. The truth is, I wasn’t ready to go back to school.

In fact, I was so anxious that I rarely slept on the night before.

My class started at 10:00 am. I had to wake up early in order to catch the bus.

Once class started, I had no idea what I was up against.

Once I heard that there was no exams at all in this class, my nerves started to ease a little bit.

Once he also explained that all work was done on the computer, that’s when my anxiety faded away.

Am I going to enjoy this class? The answer to that question is

What Makes me Happy

There are a lot of things that make me happy on the internet. However, two things that make me happy on the internet are video games and anime.

One of my favorite video game franchise is Sonic the Hedgehog. My first video game from this franchise is Sonic Heroes for PlayStation 2 15 years ago. Ever since then, I was completely hooked and I still am to this day. The reason why I love this franchise is because I love how fast-paced the games are and the story lines of each game.


My favorite character is Sonic because other than he is faster than the speed of sound, he is also very witty and cocky. He also never gives up on his friends no matter how difficult the situation is.

I also love anime. One of my favorite is Pokemon. I have watched it since childhood and I still love it to this day. The reason why I love it is because I love to watch the battles, the travelling, and where the characters will end up next. On the subject of Pokemon, this is also my second favorite video game franchise because I love to care for, battle, and train the Pokemon that I own.

What makes me happy on the internet is a YouTuber named Rachel Ballinger. The reason why she makes me happy is because not only that she makes me laugh, especially when I’m having a bad day, but every time I watch her main channel or her vlog channel, I feel like I can relate to her as her personality matches mine.