Flexibility in the kinds of Digital Storytelling projects you do

The first assignment idea that caught my eye was on the daily create. The idea was to take a picture of a public figure and then find a quote from another person who was related to them in some way, and then attribute the quote to another person who is once again related to the subject of the photo. It just seemed like such a wacky idea to do that I could see myself having fun finding the quotes and then wrongly attributing them. Also I love looking up quotes so I would have fun trying to find the perfect quote.

For this assignment I don’t think that I would have to learn anything new as we have already learned how to use Giphy and Imgur. However I do think that we will be doing a lot of assignment that call us to use those sites wether it be for reactions or to help illustrate a point.

The second idea that caught my eye comes from the ds106 assignment repository . This idea call for one to use photoshop to put two actors together and make it seem as though they were originally together in the photo rather than photoshopped. I found this one interesting because I’ve always wanted to use photoshop to make photos but never knew how to. Plus I love watching movies and it would be hilarious to put two different actors, in their costumes, together in a random background and try to make it work.

For this assignment I think that that I would for one have to learn how to use photoshop. I’ve never dabbled in trying to make photoshops but I have seen videos of people doing it and it seems like it is just a bit complicated. I’m not sure about whether or not we will be doing a lot of photoshops in this class but I hope we do so I could learn and get better at it.

I think these skills are important for me because as a journalist in the digital age I need to know how to use the sites around me to my advantage. Perhaps I won’t be using photoshop but I feel it is still a good thing to know how to do it just in case. Also learning how to make gifs might help me in case I have to use a short clip of a video to help illustrate a point.

My feelings on CT 101

When I first signed up for CT 101 I really didn’t know what to expect but was willing to give it a try. As the winter break ended and the spring semester started I still wasn’t particularly excited to start the class but I wasn’t totally disinterested either I was just sort of  ↓

However once I heard Professor Ryan start speaking about having the leeway and freedom choose what we do for our assignments I started to perk up a bit. However I was a bit skeptical that it was too good to be true, especially when he started talking about the pointlessness of making students buy overpriced textbooks,  and started to read the syllabus like ↓

This Is Suspicious

Soon I realized that Professor Ryan was 100% serious and as he continued to talk and I knew that I was going to love coming to CT 101. After hearing what the semester entails and what skill sets i’ll learn in this class, by the end of the first class I was like ↓


I can’t wait to see how the rest of the semester plays out.


What Makes Me Happy: BTS Spring Day MV

As an active fan of BTS, a seven member South Korean boy band, I have anxiously been waiting for the release of their latest repackaged/ extended album and the release of their music video for two of their new songs “Spring Day” and “Not Today.”

With not only the members raving about the four new songs and MV’s but also entertainment insiders and their production crew/ company, I had high hopes. Especially since there last music video “Blood Sweat and Tears” (below) had not only given fans an amazing song and energetic choreography but the cinematography and concept had once again blown everyone away.

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I was also interested to see if the new MV would give more clues into the story arch and concept they were pursuing. I was also curious if the MV would have choreography like “Blood Sweat and Tears” or just have the members acting like their MV for “I NEED U“.

So naturally when the MV for “Spring Day” dropped on the 12th I hurried to watch it and I was not disappointed. As per usual the cinematography was amazing, with each scene perfectly executed and shot. The song itself, which is a mix of British Rock and Electric sound, easily became one of my favorite songs.

You can check out the Music Video for “Spring Day” down below.


My First Gif

When Your favorite song comes on and you can’t control yourself.

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This is perhaps one of my favorite outtakes from Supernatural. Jensen Ackles (who plays Dean Winchester) simply went with the flow of the song and completely surprised everyone when instead of continuing on with his scene decided to create his own music video for Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. It was also one of the first behind the scenes clips I had watched and was one of the reasons I not only fell in love with the show but with the quirky cast.

Here is the first Gif I made using Giphy.com. It is from Marron 5’s new music video “Cold”.

I had tried using Giphy when I was doing my What makes Me Happy post but couldn’t figure out how to get the actual gif to show. My attempts had only left me with a link to the gif visible. However now I have gotten the hang of it. 🙂