Spring Break

Though I have been waiting for spring break since winter break ended somehow I hadn’t even realized spring break was starting next week until this week Monday. When my friend offhandedly mentioned spring break I immediately had paused what I was doing and I’m sure my face was just one of shock and confusion ↓

I had gotten so caught up with midterms and papers that I had completely escaped my mind that spring break was in April. Once I remembered I was just ↓

and then ↓

Needless to say my Spring Break is going to be spent sleeping, catching up on some shows and generally being as lazy as possible.

First Blog Post on My New WordPress Site

This past Wednesday I put up my first ever post on my WordPress site Danitina.com. Since I am taking Intro to Online Journalism alongside CT 101 this semester, one of the requirements was to create a WordPress blog so we could post the articles we write in the class online. So for my very first article for the class I was able to put it up on my new site. The article discusses the lack of students applying to scholarships at York and includes pictures, audio, and links.

I would say their were just two minor problems for me when I was putting up the article. One was that I could not find a theme that I was 100% happy with. Right now I am using the Zerif Lite theme and while it is okay I do think there is a better one out there. The second issue for me was adding the audio. First I had a problem finding the right, free, program to cut the audio that I had. I had never done anything audio clips before so it was an interesting learning experience.  Then once I had the clip I added it to my article but it gave me a long black audio bar that was the width of my screen. I didn’t really like how the audio bar looked cutting into my article like that but was unable to figure out how to make it smaller so I left it as is. Perhaps for my next article I will try to look a bit into audio coding to see if I can make how the audio appears more appealing to me.



I still have a lot to learn about posting and formatting things on WordPress but I think for my first attempt it wasn’t too bad, it was definitely a fun learning experience.


Creating a WordPress Account and Coming Up With a Domain Name

When I read that we had to make our own WordPress account I was fairly excited. I had been meaning to make a blog to post up articles that I have written and will write for a while but had never gotten around to doing so. Also since I am taking the Intro to Online Journalism course, where creating a blog of sorts is a requirement, it is great that I will be able to learn how to use WordPress in CT101.

What I wasn’t expecting when creating the WordPress account was being able to get the paid version for free. I had thought that we were just going to use the free version of the site. I am glad that we are using the paid one as I have heard that it has significantly more features available then the free version.

As for my Domain name, for me coming up with the name was fairly easy. I simply took the first four letter from my first name then took the last four letters from my middle name and combined them. Luckily that name was available as if it wasn’t I am not quite sure I would have been able to come up with an alternative name I would have been completely satisfied with.

When I was signing up I did have a little bit of an issue as they weren’t accepting any of the emails I put in. However, when I emailed them about my problem they got back to me in about twenty to thirty minutes and told me that they had fixed the problem and that I could try again. I was surprised with how quick they were to get back to me and fix the problem as with other sites it would take them to either the end of the day or the next couple of days to get back, so I am glad that they have speedy and helpful customer service.

I look forward to using WordPress in this class!

Supercut… eh maybe next time

Firstly let me say that creating supercuts are a lot more difficult then they seem. I’ve never dabbled in editing videos so I had no idea just how complicated the process can be especially for a newbie like me. Though I suppose that the finished product always looks so amazing that you rarely consider the effort and time that went into making it. Nevertheless I do want to make a supercut in the future as I think learning how to edit videos and put clips together is a useful skill to know.

Since doing the supercut didn’t pan out I instead opted to do an assignment I saw on the Daily Create. The assignment was to take a picture of any public figure then put a quote on the picture from another, somehow related public figure and then attribute the quote to another related public figure.

The public figure whose picture I choose to use is John Green, the author of The Fault In Our Stars, Paper Towns and my personal favorite Looking For Alaska. The quote I choose comes from Cassandra Clare who is the author of my all time favorite book series The Infernal Devices. Then I attributed the quote to Charles Dickens a 19th century writer who has written two of my favorite old literature pieces, A Tale of Two Cities and Oliver Twist.

I created this by using Giphy. At first I tried using Imgur but I could not figure out how to put the text onto the actual picture as opposed to underneath. However, while Giphy worked the only thing I didn’t like was that I was forced to animate the words. I choose to make them sparkle because the other options were to dramatic for me but I still wish I had been allowed to just leave it be.