Final Days in CT101

This year has been one of finding new things, learning more about the wrold, and seeing what I could do when I went into something new. I really enjoyed my time here in CT101, and I was able to gain more experience in programs that I wouldn’t have touched beforehand. I came into this class looking to make GIFs and videos so I can put them on the internet for others to see, and I got what I came for and more. I enjoyed making GIFs, videos, and Net Art, even during times where I had problems getting them to work, or when I was just procrastinating.

I feel that the most frustrating part I learned to do was the Net Art: as shown by “Prospector Walking into the Internet”. I felt that, even if it took a lot of time to fully develop, it is one of the posts I am most proud of. I am also proud of posts like : “Typography Exercise”, “What Makes Me Happy: Tokusatsu”, “Flexibility in Storytelling: A Narrative through Images”, and “My First Website”. I feel that these posts really showed a different side of myself that I don’t show often.

I want to keep my website open, and do more works with it. I want to do more with Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro, and make more videos, better videos even. I also want to start work with After Effects, because it’s a form of animation that I am unfamiliar with. I have even started showing an interest in pixel art, and want to try my hand at that. I will also keep other aspects of my original idea for the website, such as posting reviews and fanfiction that I would write. I’m happy that I got to join this class as it brought out a more creative side of me, and I hope I can continue it in the near future. A big thanks to my fellow students who always kept me in high spirits, and a big thank you to Ryan, who helped motivate me through some difficult animations, and helping me out with the Net Art. Thank You all and have a fantastic Summer!

Blog Post: March for Babies

Last Sunday, my mother, my aunt, and I went on the March for babies walk. My original motivation for going[…]

Last Sunday, my mother, my aunt, and I went on the March for babies walk. My original motivation for going was that I needed community service credit for the National Society of Leadership and Success, but I didn’t find anybody with them. We had walked from Broadway Ave. all the way to 42 St. All the while, we saw many other school groups and families there. Everyone who walked also got cheered on by one of the schools. After that, we walked around a restaurant/market partly owned by Mario Batali. We didn’t get to see him, though.┬áNevertheless, I had a great time there walking around. I was happy that my mom and my aunt had joined me on this walk, and I would happily go on another one.



End of Year Transfer: When you lost most of your homework because of Blackboard

This exact thing happened to me yesterday. There I was, about to finish a long thought out mini-essay for another[…]

This exact thing happened to me yesterday. There I was, about to finish a long thought out mini-essay for another class. Just when I was about to send it in, it turns out that Blackboard had logged off my account due to inactivity. I had taken a small break to get my thoughts going, but I kept track on how long I was gone for. And to make it worse, I didn’t have a saved copy anywhere, and two hours of work went down the drain. Learning experience, I guess… but I’m not getting those hours back. Needless to say, I’m keeping Microsoft Word open for anything I write.

Blog Post: Trains, Subways, and the LIRR

Allow me to let you all in on a little secret of mine: I like trains. Honestly, if you want to travel out of town and want to take a load off while doing so, take a train. I always like sitting near a window, looking from above at all the towns that we pass on our trips. It’s like I’m riding off in a metal chariot, high in the sky. It’s also pretty good for getting a quick nap in. Seriously, in 2015 I went to an Information Technology certification course for four months in the Bronx and traveled back and forth from my home in Long Island to there every day. The naps helped greatly. My favorite train line is the Long Island Railroad, or LIRR, cause it gets me from home to Manhattan in less than an hour. Long story short, trains are great and you should take a ride on one today!