Today we used photoshop and it was very interesting. I have never used photoshop before and feel like i can use this software for a lot of reason. So I use to have a husky until she got too big for my house and ever since I’ve always wanted another husky and have been obsessed with them. I will get another husky its just a matter of time now. When trying to upload this image i did have a little difficulty so i had to upload the GIF to imgur.

Feelings Towards CT101

Ct101 has been a very interesting class so far. Although work keeps me occupied till 12am, I do find it very hard to stay up in class. I manage some how to keep my eyes open and my head in the game. Just daydreaming has always been a big problem and its very annoying.

I honestly like this class and enjoy using Gifs. This class so far has been good. Assignments are manageable and very easy . Can’t wait to see what other projects are in store for this class.


Paintball Adventures

Hello everyone. I’ve always had a passion for playing paintball. Paintball has been many things for me especially a getaway. Although its a very fun sport it can also be very painful.  Even with the risks my brothers and I still manage to play but a common thing that happens is always falling.

Ive fallen way too many times to count and have been lucky enough to not break anything or even a sprain.

Paintball makes me happy and the risks don’t bother me just as long as no bones are broken it will always be a hobby of mine.