Final Post


I enjoyed my experience while enrolled in this Ct101 class because it taught me skills i knew knew how to do before. I learned how to use Photoshop, create GIF’s and moving animations. You’ll be surprised how much new skills you can develop in this class. Ct101 helps with writing also as far as how deep you can go into detail with your blog post and overtime,as you do more blog posts, you can compare how your writing was from when you first started, to the current period of time. I also loved the idea of creating your own domain for whatever you want because it makes you WANT to do it, it’s based off of something you have a passion for. I would definitely recommend someone to take this class.

Micheal Smith’s Photoshop Tutorial Review

I found Micheal Smith’s photoshop video tutorial very useful. I love the way it’s vividly detailed and fully explained. Not only did he only tell us the best tools to use to photoshop photos, he also told us what’s not the best tools to use when photo shopping photos and explained the reason why it’s not best to use them. As a new photoshop user, I feel like I can accomplish terrific photoshop work based on his tutorial. Even though I will be new to photoshop, I feel like I’ll do a very good job on it. For future references, I will create my own photoshopped photo based on his video.

DS106 – What do I want to learn?

For future assignments, I’d would want to learn how to do this one because it requires creativity, a chance to brainstorm various ideas and designs. This assignment gives you an opportunity to virtually design your own unique T-shirt. To accomplish this project, I think photoshop, an orignial picture of a plain T-shirt, and a picture that you like on google, will be required to do this assignment. Below is an example.

T Shirt Example