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If you haven’t been keeping up with whats been going on in music lately you may or may not know one of the biggest rap artist of all time (LIL WAYNE) is suing his record company for unpaid royalties and cash advances owed. Lil wayne wants of his cash money label and is also suing his label for $51 million dollars. He also wants his own label (Young Money) to be released from under Cash Money Records. Cash money is taking advantage of Young Money and violating its copywriting rights because they are not giving Young Money credit for the music they have been releasing for sale.

my first gif

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My first gif!! this was my first attempt using imgur. I didnt really focus on anything special.


this is my second GIF. I took a little more time to actually create this one. I made this GIF because i thought it was funny and motivational. If these young kids can take there health and fitness seriously at such a young age whats stopping us as adults from doing at least a 30 min workout.

What Makes Me Happy On The Web

Vine is one of the websites online that make me happy. I find it amusing that people can share funny videos with one another about topics or situations that we all as human beings go through. Kingbach who is a comedian online is one of the funniest comedians to utilize the web along with social media outlets to rise to fame. He is not only well known because of the web but he is funny too and i visit his vine page regularly for a laugh.