Farewell To CT101

As the semester  comes to an end, I would like to take some time to reflect back on CT 101. For starters, this class has really helped me to tap into my creative side which hasn’t been done before. Through the 3 semesters that I have been at York a lot of the classes lacked… Continue reading Farewell To CT101

Venting Hour

Hello My Fellow CT 101 Bloggers!!! I’ve decided to come up with a segment on my website called “Venting Hour”. This is where I will be sharing my life experiences as I know many of you can relate . What’s a better way to get somethings off your chest when you can write a post… Continue reading Venting Hour

Zine Project Attempt

Hello All!  For my first attempt of the Zine Collab Project, I decided to take more of a “comedic”  approach as to how I view technology in today’s  day and age. During the creative step of the assignment,I was testing out different ideas that would  coincide with the objective with the project but still being… Continue reading Zine Project Attempt

GIF Portrait Project

For CT 101, our class is participating in the GIF portrait project where we make our own gif’s using Adobe Photoshop and Giphy. After playing around with the different features on Photoshop I was able to export the 3 images I used to Giphy to bring the gif portrait together. For the first picture I… Continue reading GIF Portrait Project

Panoramic And Family

Welcome to Pantomimic And Family Today I will be showing appreciation to  someone who I hold dear to my heart. My favorite cousin Lativa . Using the Panoramic feature on my phone I was able to capture and highlight her personality, one of the many things that makes her special. When I came to her… Continue reading Panoramic And Family

CT101 Digital Storytelling