My Second Gif: When it Rains

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I made this gif for two reasons. One, even though You Got Served is an old movie and probably outdated, I think people will agree this is one of the most memorable scenes. I’m sure this helped inspired some people to go out and dance in the rain, me included. Two, I like the rain. Sure, some people don’t like it because they get wet or some places shut down, but I actually enjoy it because I find it relaxing. So this gif is a combination of two of my interests.

ds106 Assignment 1



I chose this assignment because I’m used to editing photos with Color Splash from when I was in high school. People used to ask me to edit their pictures and wanted me to add their favorite color to it. Even though I mostly use it to edit pictures of people, I highly enjoy using Color Splash. I’m always open to experimenting with whatever I could do to make it better.

Here is the link to the assignment:

What Makes Me Happy

What makes me happy is watching anime online and playing video games. It’s because of these things that I want to become an artist and an animator in the first place. Watching how anime is created and seeing the result of it, inspires me. I love developing characters and connecting how they are similar to others.

Here someone made a connection between Goku from DragonBall Z and Superman from the DC Comics:FB_IMG_1473011494597I dream to one day make my own anime with my own developed characters. Maybe I’ll base some of them on characters who already exist.