My website is called The name plays on the familiar phrase “nouveau riche” which means “new money”. Instead nuvo clout means “new money, power, and respect”. The goal of my website is to shed light on the upcoming entrepreneurs in the arts and to speak on current events. I chose the theme BIG PIX that works a lot with images. In working with social media, I can see that people love a site that is visually stimulating. Navigation on the site is pretty simple, so it works for lazy people, which are you have to cater to these days thanks to the instant gratification that technology offers. So far while working with my posts I’ve spoken on musicians, visual artists, and designers. I plan on keeping the domain of this site and building a brand. Later on I’d also like to build a sister site called more focused on fashion and lifestyle. I’m very happy I came to this class because I needed something to push me to make this move. Thankyou professor!


My first post on

The site has a lot of editing to go through but my first post went something like this…


Soul Group Universe is the new rap collective reigning from Queens, New York that’s sure to become a household name very soon. Known as the creators of the trending hashtag #NeverLink, we see their influence goes way beyond the music. SOUL stands for Sound Of Underground Leaders, and that’s nothing short of what they’re feeding their dedicated listeners. Soul Group pushes the culture. In their new video for Purchase Your Tracks, featuring group members Star Love and 808, it’s clear that South Jamaica, Queens is theirs for the taking. In no time, you’ll be sure to see them in a hood near you. Keep up to date with Soul Group’s music and moves by checking out their site Make sure to hashtag #NeverLink to let em know what that hype is about.


Lights Out!


Light’s Out! This is a gif of me knocking you out with my gif skills. Lol, just kidding. I had my friend take pictures of me and I uploaded it to Photoshop. I’m usually intimidated by Photoshop because of what I’ve heard from people, but making a gif on it is really more simple than anything. I decided to mess with the exposure on every frame to give the effect of the fist coming out of nowhere. The hardest part about doing the assignment was actually trying to save the gif.

I love how the gif really looks like a video, but I know it was made with photos manually. Now I’ll be able to make my own reaction gifs when stuff like kanye outbursts happen at award shows.

Finally My Battery Will Last

I am so excited about this class! I won’t even stress bringing my charger in case my phone dies from social media binging due to a boring topic. I literally walked up to the main entrance of York(covered in snow, might I add) anxious but ready to face college curriculum once again. Then when I got to class I was like, “Oh okay, this is actually fun.”

I know this class is hybrid and it’s only my first day, but I feel like I might actually get an A. Make my mama proud. I chose this class because technology is and always was the future. I just have a little faith in this class because I actually know some of this stuff AND I like to do it.