The End of CT101

I can’t believe that this class is already over in a span of around 4 months. It felt like the class only took 5 weeks, and that there’s so much more stuff to do during the class. But during this semester, I had a fun time taking this class since it gives me the opportunity to create a new from of art; And that is making memes.

Before taking CT101, I was really nervous that it would be similar to taking an English class; But instead of reading poems or short stories, it would be about responding to blogs. Good thing I was wrong, because CT101 surprised me with what it had to offer. When Professor Seslow told us that we could create memes and make our very own website, I just froze to make sure that I was dreaming and it was all in my head. I enjoyed creating gifs and memes that would either fit with a blog that I would type about, or just for fun.

When my class had to do the ZINE project, I knew I had to use all of my creative skills to imagine an idea to be put on a computer screen. And since we learned how Adobe Photoshop works, it gave me more visionary ideas to have. However, I had trouble trying to figure out what I should talk about in my very own website. Not only that, but I was thinking to myself if I wrote to little in my blogs and that it needed to be stretched out to make it a good blog post.

But after through what it felt like a short class, I could say with 100% honestly, that I loved taking CT101. In fact, this might be the only class that I want to retake; Because of a professor that helped me and my classmates to be successful with the work, as well as having a class that is simple and didn’t need too much work to pass. It wasn’t stressful, nor it didn’t gave me too many negative thoughts unlike my other classes that I was taking this semester. If I would decide a grade that I should get, it would be getting an A-. I believe that I did all of the work that was given to me, I go to almost every class (missing 1); But I usually arrive late to class, and have created a few blogs for CT101’s website. I gave effort to my blogs, as well as giving time to create a good design/gif/meme/blog post that would be considered good to the professor.

With this class, I hope to keep the website that I built stay  active until the day it expires; Because I’m not sure if I have to pay hundreds of dollars to keep my website afloat. But I’ll make sure that I’ll use it as much as I can before that happens. And as I finish my final blog of CT101, allow me to show you some of the many creations that were being born by my own “hands.” Thank you Professor Seslow! Hope to see you in campus in the inevitable future!

Your student,

Carlos G.

Disney Remake Overload

Can we talk about Disney remakes? I want to talk about Disney remakes, and have a lot of problems with it when it comes to the company of the modern age. Do you remember when the original company studio (Not Pixar, Marvel nor Star Wars) used to make a whole slew of original stories to their audience? If you look at the movies Disney has made (along with their upcoming movies), you’ll understand the situation we have to deal with.

It seems like Disney wants to earn more money if they give their audience the sense of the N-word…which is nostalgia. While some movies need a second chance to draw their people in, certain movies didn’t need a remake. Take for instance the recent Disney remake, The Lion King; Which not only did good at the box office, its story is completely note-to-note, with facial movements that seem bland and ruins the more intense moments of the movie. One thing that I forgot to mention, all of Disney’s movies are live-action. This means that the remakes lose their colorful and more imaginative moments, and some characters (mainly, the inaminate objects and talking animals) don’t translate well in live-action.

Remaking movies aren’t all that bad, I would honestly say that several movies like “Cinderella” and “Maleficent”  are good and share a different perspective of a similar story. I want to say more on the remake situation, but I highly recommend watching I Hate Everything’s video on Disney Remakes. He gives his own opinion on what Disney is doing to their properties in the modern age. All I can say is that I hope Disney goes back to what they do best, giving us original movies and have a limit on producing live-action remakes.


Creating a Domain

During CT101, professor Seslow taught us in how we can made our very own website. I was shocked at the fact that we are able to create our own site, and we can do whatever we want with it. However, the process of getting a domain name was a bit of a challenge. Luckily, thanks to Seslow, I managed to get one and completed one step of the development of my own website.

We had a few classes just working on own websites, and to figure out what we want to put within our site. I had a lot of trouble to remove some features of my website, such as removing both the Hours and Location. And I didn’t even realized that I had multiple copies of WordPress, which meant that there were different sites spawned that affected my original website. For instance, if I were to click the Blog site of my website, it would go to a different website that I accidently made and not to where I wanted to go.

And after many ups and downs, I have made my first (and probably only) website that I have complete control over. It was a fun experience to customize and update the things I wanted to add. It was like adding some flavor to a blank screen and give it something that I would admire. Now that I have my own website, I would keep on adding some content, so that more people could explore a lot more on my website. Here’s hoping that I don’t leave the website abandoned as is and make it seem like I did nothing during the class.

The ZINE Project

The ZINE collab project is when many students submit their own digital design based on what its meaning is. And this year, our class had to illustrate a design on how, “Technology and creativity are powerful tools for fueling communication, inspiration, digital-storytelling and design.”

I did two designs that share the same meaning, but needed to submit one that is more visually stunning. I used Adobe Photoshop as my canvas to place images online and make something artistic. I then had to imagine how I want to place on the blank screen, in which I go to the internet to look up for transparent images, as well as a good background. And finally, I just had to do some edits to find the design that I find as a “good” work of art. (It was my first time doing art like this, so it may not be a masterpiece at a first attempt)

When doing this project, it gave me a bit of freedom on creating my own art, despite the objective that I have to complete. And after two designs, I would say that trial and error is alright when doing something, as well as trying different things that best suits the creator.  Oh, and the design underneath this paragraph is the one I submitted. Feel free to comment on it, if you like.

The Spoilers in Memes

Memes are one of the modern ways to express our emotions of something, or just make us laugh. But when it comes to creating memes from movies or video games, it’s a risky move to do. The reason for that memes can come from spoilers in entertainment that certain people have yet to watch or play. I won’t be spoiling anything, so don’t worry.


With movies, I believe it’s alright to create memes from any movie from 5 years and beyond since people saw the movie that most of them know about. But if it was released a few days, weeks, or several months, people would’ve yet to watch it and wanna watch the movie when they got the time; Same goes with video games; If they were games that have little story or if just like the annual sports games, then it’s okay to make fun of it. However, many video game nowadays have more story and surprise gameplay in their modern games, which creates a problem to a certain audience that they should avoid the internet so that the player/viewer won’t discover anything related to a game/movie they want to play/watch.

Avengers: Infinity War is one of 2018’s most highly anticipated movies, as well as one of its best Marvel movies. And not long after the movie premiered, the meme community started posting memes about Infinity War, and had pictures from people who filmed the movie in their memes. That has to be utter hell to those who view memes and is going to watch the movie. Another example would be a game called Persona 5; It’s a turn-based RPG game that has a really good story. The game was very popular, so popular that it not only was a really good experience to play, it also got a nomination for Game of the Year in the 2017 Game Awards. And just like Infinity War, it boasted the creation of more memes (many of them with spoilers).

It’s hard to explain more about spoiler memes because…SPOILERS!!!But I will say that there are memes that relate to a movie/game, but they have no context of spoilers. But even with that, it wouldn’t help much with spoiling something on the internet. So the next time you wanna watch the next upcoming movie, or play the new video game (that is story based), just avoid the sites that contain memes; Because you’ll expect a whole slew of spoiled posts.