A Tour of My Website

Welcome to Kourtney’s Corner! This post is dedicated to a tour of my website. You will get to explore every nook and cranny that makes up Kourtney’s Corner. So here we go…

My website is a collection of what I have done in my CT 101 class this spring semester.

Ct 101 Digital Storytelling Almost End of Semester Blog/Site Check-in

  1. Site Name: Kourtney’s Corner

Customizations made, check and respond to all that apply

Custom tagline

Give your domain name and describe how and if it relates to your site title: My domain name is Cariealexis.com and my site title is Kourtney’s Corner. This domain name relates to my domain name because Carie is my twin sister’s middle name and Alexis is mine. Kourtney is my first name, and I decided to name my site Kourtney’s Corner because that’s exactly what it is; my corner of the web.

  1. Name of Site Theme: I used Designed by Press Customizr theme

Customizations made, check and respond to all that apply

For my header I put my sites name, as well as a custom menu, and all my social media.website pic1

  1. Site Layout: The layout for my website is simple, and clean I use this theme because I liked the way it looked, as well as its functions.

If you have a custom header, background, and/or homepage describe the choices you

made and why: My homepage is a collection of my CT101 work over the semester, as well as a news page from published articles I have had in the queens weeklies.

website pic3

  1. Pages: Home, About, Kourtney’s News Blog

Describe the Title and purpose for each page on your site:

Page 1

My Home page is a collection of my blog posts in CT101.

Page 2

My About page has a little about me as well as some of my posts.

Page 3

Kourtney’s News Blog has a collection of news articles I have published in the Queens Tribune, Queens Chronicle and Queens Press newspapers.

  1. Menu/Navigation: My menus are easy to find I have a custom menu in my header to the right and my social media icons are to the left also in the header. I have a calendar on my site mapped out with posts I have done that month, it is located in the left side bar. In my footer I have my recent comments, blogroll and recent tags I have used for my articles and CT101 blog posts.website pic2


  1. Sidebars/Custom Features: I have a left side bar with a calendar of recent blog posts for that month.website pic4

What content do you have in sidebars? How did you choose? Do you have other custom

features to your theme, such as custom homepage with a slider, and/or featured images

for posts, etc. How are you using these theme customizations?

For my Home Page for all my latest posts if there is a picture in the post, it will show up in a bubble next to the post.

  1. Categories:

List each category and how it is being used:

Category 1

CT101 posts, is a category used for all my digital story telling posts.

Category 2

News, is a category used for all my news articles.

website pic 5

  1. Tags:

List up to ten tags you have used for posts (separate by commas):


april, Blurred Lines, Copyright, Marvin Gaye, Rain rain go away, Robin Thicke & Pharell Williams, spring, sunny weather, what do I wear, Zombie Apocalypse Zombies


  1. Widgets:

List any widgets you have installed/customized on your site and how you’ve used them:

Widget 1

For my Footer Widget area one I have links, one link is to my news blog I keep called KourtneyWebbpublished. This blog was created using Weebly.

Widget 2

I have a comment section in my Footer Widget area 2.

  1. Final Thoughts:

Describe any other aspects about the customization of your site not covered that you’d

like to write about:

As far as the future of my site I plan to continue using it and display more CT projects on it, I also plan to put more articles on the News section of my blog. I want to customize it more and make it more responsive. I haven’t figured out how to use some of the customization tools but I plan over the summer to get more familiar with the theme because I have seen many great web web designs using this theme. Although I am not sure if they actually coughed up the $100 bucks for the pro which actually has way more features. I am taking another CT class in the fall and plan to display all my projects for that class on the site as well.


Last Day of Classes

As the last day of classes approach, which for me is tomorrow, I cant help but wonder where the time went. So many people have confessed to me that the last day couldn’t come soon enough; although I agree, I feel this semester went rather fast.

But fast or slow I am just ready for the semester to be over.


I have been seeing these cartoon versions of people for a while now. people have been creating little versions of themselves set in all these weird backgrounds. So I decided to look up the app everyone has been talking about.

The app? My Idol. the app takes a picture of your face and uses it to make a little mini-me. there are tons of clothes and shoes you can dress your “little you” up with, so they will be the spitting image of you. there are also backgrounds and settings for your doll. your little you will never get bored. Playing the drums, karaoke and doing karate are just some of the activities you will find your doll doing.


The only down side to this app is that if you don’t speak or read Chinese, it might be hard to get the hang of it. All the instructions in the app are in Chinese. This article by ElleUK.com shows how to use the app, and translate all the buttons and functions into English.

Here is a hilarious video of a Youtuber acting out her real life portrayal of her My Idol avatar.


Your Childhood is Calling!

So as always, when I get bored social media becomes my escape. I was scrolling down my Instagram, when I came across a post that really bought up some memories. helga 1Hey Arnold was one of my favorite shows and, Helga Pataski was one of my favorite cartoon villains, who really had a heart of gold.

My ultimate favorite cartoon, I have to say was Invader Zim….

I haven’t seen this show in such a long time, but yesterday I found myself watching episode after episode.

Here is Invader Zim episode one, The Nightmare Begins. Enjoy!






Stress is Good for College Students

By Kourtney Webb


Entering college is an enormous accomplishment, for students looking to further their education. But with higher education comes more responsibility. Choosing classes, working, and figuring out what major you want to pursue to lead you into the career of your dreams is enough to stress any one out. A new study shows that stress is actually a good thing and can lead to higher levels of productivity.

Stress is part of the body’s fight or flight response, which is nature’s survival mechanism. This is meant to protect you not harm you. ABC News reports that Low-level stressors stimulate the production of brain chemicals called neurotrophins, and strengthen the connections between neurons in the brain. In fact, this may be the primary mechanism by which exercise a physical stressor, helps boost productivity and concentration.

“I am a full time student as well as work at a daycare, stress is all around me, but I’m able to take that and still get everything done,” said Renelisa Guerrero, 20, a second semester freshmen at York College, who has yet to declare her major.

Stress is usually referred to as unhealthy but a new study at the University of Alabama Birmingham shows that stress can be good for strengthening the connections between neurons in the brain, and help a person become more productive.

The latest update from the American Freshman: National Norms surveyed more than 150,000 students nationwide from the entering fall 2014 class. The survey found that 9.5 percent of respondents had felt depressed upon entering college. During the past year there has been an increase of over 6.1 percent of college freshmen who feel stressed out. Students who felt depressed by schoolwork, and holding Jobs rose to 34.6 percent from 27.1 percent.

“short- term psychological stressors can be a good thing, some studies have shown that stress can increase your ability to memorize better,” says Psychologist Dr. Tiffani Elis a high school guidance counselor from Brooklyn New York. She also adds, “This is why some students don’t mind cramming for tests. The stress helps them focus and not be distracted because they have a limited amount of time and an end goal. Not that I advise students cram for tests.”

Some high school seniors can transition to college freshmen with ease.

“I don’t find it too stressful yet, setting my own schedule was different, and the professors have a different sort of presence, but that’s all I see as the real difference right now,” says Marc Torres, 18, an english major and first semester freshmen at York College.

Eustress also known as good stress makes you think and act more effectively to manage the situation better according to research done by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Alabama Birmingham. You are being driven and motivated through your stress. Chronic stress is an overwhelming reaction to stress and can occur due to every day stressors. Chronic stress- stressors maybe irrational to some but for college freshmen who are not use to the pressures that come with college it is a very common response.

Psychologist Dr. Tiffani Elis says “that it is important to take time out for yourself. Students who enter college think that they have to be in control of every little thing which is not the case.” She also adds “You should create realistic expectations for yourself, as well as make a schedule for school work, study time and jobs, so that you don’t feel so overwhelmed. This makes you aware of deadlines, so nothing sneaks up on you”.

Stress only becomes harmful to your health when it becomes constant and uncontrollable, but keeping a schedule and carving out time to relax or socialize with friends should help ease the stress and transition to college life.

“There’s good and bad stress, you just have to learn to deal with it,” says Marc Torres.