New Website Who Dis?

Can I put ‘website developer’ in my Instagram Bio yet?

While I have my own website, I used Wix’s easy templates and let them do all the work. This time around, for my new website, , I basically built everything from scratch and I would continue to keep it that way. I hope you all stayed tuned to what my website has to offer!

Nah, fr. Hire me. ūüėČ


Let me be your Muse

In today’s class, I learned how to use panoramic features to my advantage.

I know. I’m cute. (Taken by @NiannaRichards) I quickly photoshopped my left arm so that I wouldn’t look too crazy.¬†Who knew I could look twice as beautiful in the same frame.Here’s another shot taken with two of my classmates, (@stephanievelaquez and @isabelpalacios)

I know. Yes. Hire us as models for your next panoramic shot.


In Memeory of my Friends

Nobody’s dead-¬†(Well, my old friends are ‘dead to me’).

Being a dual-citizen is hard.

When you find yourself making a home of two places separated by water, you constantly have to stretch. Keep your head above water to save yourself -nobody likes the feeling of  drowning.

In that case, I use social media platforms when I’m in a place where my friends cant show up on my doorstep unannounced. In order to keep my conversations lively, I use memes and Gifs when my friends and I share crazy stories. What better way to get a laugh when the Gif or meme is more than relatable?

This is my friend , Idrees. (Say Hi to Idrees). Idrees is a Well known spoken word poet and Dramatist. His carefree spirit makes it great for any meme possible.

In this case, he has a video which speaks to gang violence and how it affects intimate places such as the household. You can watch it here 

I love to use my friends as memes mainly because their faces almost become universal and I can carry them anywhere I want with me, plus make them replace the typical memes that we see out here. So much for a positive side of technology.



So Much for Labor Day!

With Today being Tuesday, I’m sure there are some people who are reading this with half opened eyes because they’re still trying to recover from last weekends festivities. While some of us were trying to thief a whine from a fellow Caribbean comrade, some of us were really reaping the benefits of true labor.

Last Sunday, Olatunji Yearwood, also known as ‘Ola’ rocked the UK X factor stage with his song, “Bodyline“.

While the singer ‘Ola’ is no stranger to the Trinbagonian Stage, he’s most definitely on his way to be an household icon on the International Stage.

This may come as no surprise, as he is Trinidad’s famous Soca Groovy Monarch/ International Soca Monarch Winner for 2015 with his song, ‘Ola‘. He was still inevitably able to introduce everyone in the UK what soca is-or at least a good example.

The Jazz centered soca song that gives a very effervescent feel and twist to what soca and Calypso¬†is, It really feeds the crowd to the fiery flavor us Caribbean people have. Everyone in the audience seemed to enjoy the performance and I’m sure the judges even forgot they were judging his performance!

Olatunji is most definitely someone to look out for as he amazingly only had two energetic dancers on the audition stage.  They brought that extra Trini spice that was needed to support his set, while not over powering.

His performance indeed was in good favor with the judges as he was able to secure his spot in the other round from the Judges, Simon Cowell, Louis Tomlinson, Robbie Williams and Ayda Feild. He was also able to secure somewhat of a standing Ovation from the crowd.


It would really amazing to see how he represented the Caribbean and More specifically Trinidad and Tobago. This makes me really happy because not only is he making us all very proud, he’s continually embodies the ‘big fish in small pond would have to be a small fish in a big pond to grow’ theory perfectly.

You can watch his amazing performance here.