Post 4 (Panoramic Storytelling)

There is a saying you can take the kid out the hood, but you can’t take the hood out the kid. Just three kids who are usually seen posted up on their block, now can be found posted up at York College! Word on the street is they have taken a new liking to CT 101, where they create memes, gifs, and their own websites. Will this group of street smart ladies take to their studies with the same ferociousness?

To be continued…

Post 3 (Are Memes Art?)

There are clearly so many different opinions on the matter of, are memes art. I feel as though memes are absolutely art. When you google search the definition of art it is as follows: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Well, do memes not express imagination in the visual form? Do memes not have aesthetic appeal and convey emotions, most often humor? The answer to these questions can be different for different people, but memes certainly do all of those things for me.

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I believe that memes are good for art, because it stretches the limitations or boundaries that individuals try to place on art. I think the point of art is that it has no limitations or boundaries, it is free.

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I also feel that it is good for communication because so many different people can interpret a the message, bringing all types of people into the same circles.

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Post 2 (Making Gifs)

Animated GIF

Animated GIF

Animated GIF

Animated GIF

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To begin my morning of the first day of ct101, I began by going into the wrong classroom. This was me realizing I had 2 minutes to find the right room.

Animation Hello GIF by Wonder Park

This is me peaking in the door to make sure I didn’t make the same mistake.

Next, the most important decision to be made. Finding a solid seat, because everyone knows where you sit the first day is where you will stay for the rest of the semester.

Gina Rodriguez Smiling GIF

This is me listening as Ryan talks about this course and how it is going to work. I began to get very intrigued!

And then it was over for me, he had me when he began advocating for students and explaining what kind of professor he is. At this point I was ready to begin chanting “Ryan Seslow for President 2020!!”

cobi hamilton steelers GIF by NFL

Me walking out of the class, excited for the semester!

Post 1 (Making Me Happy on Internet..)

Recently, I have become increasingly infatuated with these HiHo Kids Meet videos. I am not sure how I ended up on their profile, but I suppose that is the result of falling into the rabbit hole of the internet at 2 a.m..The purpose of these videos are to allow children to come into contact with individuals that have been made to be the “bad guys” or “outcast” of society, or people that simply would arouse the curious minds of children. My favorite video is of the children conversing with a Bank Robber. Their questions lead to conversations that are highly amusing, yet shockingly intellectual and empathetic for their ages.

I have also been playing around with Canva recently. It is an online free application that lets you create business cards, resumes, flyers, posters, etc.. I have been indulging in making comic strips myself, mostly just to send to my friends for laughs. It is a really cool website to create aesthetic graphics for business, school-related projects, and just for fun.