Photoshop 101

Using photoshop, i used a cartoon picture of a bird and decided to move his eyes up and down.  I found the tutorial a little difficult to understand. The beginning stages was pretty easy. With Ryan’s help i was able to create my gif. I think that i need a lot more practice with photoshop.



My Wedding Invitation

I decided to do the wedding invitation assignment. I will be getting married soon and i thought this was perfect. Especially because i haven’t done the invitations yet. I found this very interesting and definitely gave me a new found patience for designing. I used the site to create my invitation


My Dream Vacation

I chose to do my dream vacation because i love to travel. I will be getting married in January 2017 and i would love for my honeymoon to be in Bora Bora. I have been dreaming of going there since i was 13 years old. I love the fact that they have the option of your room being over the water. I think it will be very relaxing and the best getaway that i will experience.

Travelling to Bora Bora can be very pricey and will require a lot of savings. I don’t want to rush this trip so i plan on saving for a while so that when i do go i can splurge and enjoy myself. And a plus to waiting is that my husband will be enjoying it with me:)


DS 106 Interest

Here is the link to the assignment that i would like to complete:

This assignment caught my interest because i like making videos but i am unaware of how to edit and compile.  I would pay homage to my godchildren, with videos of me and them and also of them playing and doing other activities. To complete this assignment i would need to learn how to edit videos and compile separate short videos into one large video. I would also need to learn how to add special effects such as background music and slow motion.

I also linked another assignment that would work with my idea.

The Cousin Bunch!

BeFunky Collage

For my collage i decided to do all of my cousins. We have all grown up so close despite our age gaps. I chose this one because The Brady Bunch truly describes us since we all lived together for a while.

From the top left:

Rebecca: 26

Shannon: 24

Gabrielle: 22

Alexander: 17

Jaelynn: Jaelynn would have been 11 years old R.I.P. Babygirl

Jaden: 7

Judah: 5

Isabella: (Gabrielle’s daughter) 16 months

Original Assignment: