A domain of one’s own response!

while looking over the article, beneath the cobblestones… A domain of one’s own by Audrey Watters, I was immediately hooked by her interpretation of innovation. she believed that “Perhaps because innovation is increasingly defined as something that comes from industry and not the university, something that is fostered in the private sector and not the public.” which got me thinking of the innovations in the past that brilliant minds such as Alexander “Gram” bell (creator of the telephone) and seeing that he was in a private school and not public would show this statement to be true that most innovations that happens wouldn’t come from the public.

I know this standard has been broken time and time again as there have been innovators that stared from the bottom and became top dogs in the industry of their line of work which makes me so ecstatic about my own future! don’t believe me well did you know that Micheal dell from dell computers actually worked as a bus boy before becoming a CEO.  this statement means so much that anyone can make it to the top or change the world despite starting from the bottom.

photo crafting (iphone style)

i recently began work on using a photo and thought how can i change it? well turns out my smart phone can actually change the photo to how i want it to look and here is what i did…

the modified picture
the original
 pretty cool huh? well you may be wondering “how did you do that with an iphone?” which is a great question that takes some exploring and 6 easy steps
1. go to your phone’s app store and look for an app that can modify images (one i used is called filterra which helped me out)
2. look for any image you want to change(one i used was this image of ventus from the birth by sleep game in the series of kingdom hearts)
2.5: take a screenshot of the photo you want (to do that press the home button and the power button at the same time fast but don’t hold them down as it causes a soft reset)
3. play around with the tools to see what you want in your photo
4. be sure to save the modified photo into your album
5. email the modified photo to yourself on the computer


The GIFpet Show

When your friend gets the jackpot and you get nothing

where do i start with this? well… the muppet show was my favorite show back in the day and this GIF comes from my favorite scene of the muppet show. when Fozzy bear answers an old ringer phone and gets money while kremit just walks away infuriated just saying that you’ll never make it in vegas but someone else will making it completely hilarious! Jim henson will made your childhood absolutely wonderful just as he did with this gag and every scene on any production he made

this GIF is my choice for “the Muppet GIF” Assignment which was found on this site

the full video can be found here to get your nostalgia going:

Breaking up fall out GIF

when your ex keeps saying your still together but you know your not…

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well, when it comes to this GIF i chose it due to the message that many people who end a relationship but, are too ignorant to admit that it is over and keep pestering you and your life over and over and eventually this happens.  choosing the video from Watchmojo gives that message so clearly of just exploding from annoyance

the video is down below to where you can make Arnold GIF’s: