What I imagine Kissing Justin Bieber Would Be Like

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One of my favorite artist is Justin Bieber. I fell in love with him back when he hosted Saturday Night in 2012. I watched every video I could find and the obsession began. I want to meet him so bad!  I found this clip from my favorite TV show Bobs Burgers. My inner spirit animal Tina kissing Jimmy Jr on her 13th Birthday. In the Episode Title “Sheesh Cab! Bob”

One day we will meet and hangout together and we will Kiss and IT WILL be just as magical as Tina’s first kiss. Why? Its Justin Bieber Duh

My face when I see a Rice Krispies treat in the Vending Machine

I have transferred from two schools and the vending machines sucked. I am in total heaven here at York all my favorites snacks are in the machine. However, NOTHING compares to a delectable Rice Krispie Treat. Now if they had Haribo gummy bears !!!! There wouldn’t be any more left!

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Here is a link to some of the best Gummy bears and it would be the same reaction!

What Makes Me Happy : The Saddest Cooking Show. Ever

My best friend came into town and one of our favorite things to do when we are with each other is to find funny YouTube videos. She showed me this one in particular titled “How can a cooking show be this sad?!“. This is a reaction video to a college television program called “Weber Cooks”. I couldn’t stop laughing with that annoying song that screams “WEBER” in the most depressing manner.  All I could ask myself was “WHY”?

The overall premise of the show is Steven Reed showing us EASY meals that you can make in the microwave.  If this post isn’t enough just watch this sad but yet funny cooking show hosted by “your boy Steven Reed”. This is Weber Cooks!