Playing With Different Photo Apps












I played around with a couple apps from Color Pop, Prisma, ImgPlay
and GifX in the app store. Most are photo editors and others are like gif creators.

I created the Gif using the photo editing apps Prisma, GifX  and use IMGplay to make it a Gif to get this outcome. I had a lot of fun creating these and had some great feedback. GifX is like a video layer which created the motion in the gif of the girl in a field . It felt like a dream sequence and this is why I chose it. I played with the filters in Prisma to create the first  I like the aesthetic of it. The first photo filter is called Paper Ar.

I chose both themes based off me watching The Twilight Zone and I wanted it to be a bit “off” or maybe creepy as my mom says. What’s creepier than a porcelain doll ? Through tedious work I finally uploaded my Gif ! I had to upload it to and paste the link into the post and Look my creation !

The last picture is the original photo!




Re: A Domain of Ones Own

Most of us think little about this. We shrug. We agree to the Terms of Service without reading them, often meaning we’ve agreed to hand over our data, to give up control over what’s done with it. We acquiesce more and more of our privacy. In doing so, we’re assured, technology will give us access to better stuff, to more “innovation.”

This paragraph stood out to me most throughout the transcript. I put little thought into the terms and agreements and never thought about handing over my privacy. We give our lives to the internet and we go right along with it. I like the idea behind”A Domain of Ones Own” in generating our own identity and being in control of what we want exposed and having a say in owns it and basically having that ME factor back and ultimately freedom.

Movie Mashup

I would like to learn how to combine two of my favorite movies together . Into one cool movie poster, for example, Matilda and The Chocolate Factory. The movie mashup really intrigued me because It was Harry Potter a film I don’t necessarily care for. However, I love the Twilight franchise. The ideas are endless and it seems like a lot of fun.

I’m pretty sure this will mean a great deal of exploring photoshop and lots of youtube tutorials on how to go about it. But it seems cool so I want to give it a shot !

How cool is this! Credit to and Google Images


Relax, Dream, Escape to the MALDIVES


The assignment I chose is titled “Greetings from DS106“. I decided on creating a postcard of where I would like to go. This summer, unfortunately, I didn’t have the luxury of going on vacation. I was working and before you know it school was starting. Hopefully one day I can make it to this tropical paradise.

I created my own postcard on Microsoft word but for some reason, it wouldn’t work with this format. I used the website Canva to recreate my original postcard. I will upload photos of my own design

Here is a quick video about my tropical paradise The Maldivesmaldivespicturehd









This is are my original design with the same photo!