Who said I was dumb?

TweetWhat if we aren’t as smart as we think we are? Well I’ll tell you what, we are all smart in different ways and in ways which is suited to our personal lives. We should always hold our heads up and when we do not know something, do not act like we do. It is […]

I can never be caught

TweetYay found my favorite Alfred Hitchcock episode which had me hooked. I needed to watch two to get hooked I love this episode because it is one of those cliché moments that you would expect to see but it is done in such a tasteful way. I feel as it evokes great emotion and how […]

Why Gifs suppress anger

TweetWhy is it that stores make it so hard for you to give them your money sometimes?! Stop making transactions on the phone so difficult, I want to find out how much is left on my card and they want to ask me for my phone code. WHAT IS A PHONE CODE! APPARENTLY TD BANK […]

Lautrec Rocketts

Yes, their legs are moving!! 1. Copy the legs in layers by using the selection tool 2. Copy one by one and then paste it into a layer 3. After you have done that you want to make sure the original background is on the top layer 4. Now that we have copy and pasted […]

Alfred Hitchcock

So I have been looking for stuff to do on the ds101 depository and I found a few fun activities to do with the old television program, Alfred Hitchcock. Might I say that I have never done any of the assignments but the show is awesome! It caught my attention from day one and I […]

CT101 Digital Storytelling