GIF in Motion of ME

I FINALLY got it. It took me so long to do this GIF in motion by scratch without Professor. Seslow’s help. I think the hardest part is the final step, which is the timeline part. I was so confused on how to get all of the images to play all together but I eventually figured… Continue reading GIF in Motion of ME

Halfway done!

The semester is almost over! The level of excitement is real. I always thought that fall semester goes by way faster than the spring, maybe because we have more days off for fall semester. It’s been very hectic with all of these tests. I feel like going crazy having to study for so many classes.… Continue reading Halfway done!

GIF in Motion!

Today in class we learned how to create a GIF in motion! When I was browsing through the website, I saw different ones and thought they looked great. I honestly thought it was going to be really difficult to create one but Prof. Seslow walked us through it just fine. It was many steps but… Continue reading GIF in Motion!

CT101 Digital Storytelling