Flexibility in the kinds of Digital Storytelling projects you do.

I’ve looked at the daily create site and completely loved it! The way the jam is popping out at the computer screen totally caught my attention. That’s definitely one thing that I would have to learn how to do. I think our class should do at least two of these this semester. I believe the skill to learning how to do this is important because it would be amazing to put our own spin to it and be creative to making pictures literally come alive. I would also like to do one of the 3dPrinted Assignments. That assignment seems like it would be so much fun to make things 3D! I’ve always liked the way things looked in 3D so it would be great to learn how to actually do it.

First Meme

By far, CT 101 has been my favorite class this semester. Prof. Seslow is amazing and super chill. I knew this class was gonna be fun because my friend recommended it. I’m really enjoying it and I’m glad to be learning new things. Learning how to make a meme was cool. I think the hardest part was finding a picture for the meme. I look forward to learning more new and fun things.


What makes me happy on the internet

Recently, a video went viral on the internet. I was scrolling through Instagram, and I noticed that my favorite artist, Chris Brown reposted the video. The video was a little 2-year-old boy named Roman who was diagnosed with Spina Bifida. He was so excited to show his dog, Maggie that he was walking. He shouted, “look Maggie, I walking Maggie!” with excitement all over his face. This video touched me and many others. It touched me personally because I have a disability that causes me to not be able to walk. Just seeing him happy, made me happy. Being that the video went viral, his mom decided to create a youtube channel: Defying Odds: Roman’s Journey, to keep us updated on his journey.