Playing Around with Adobe Illustrator

I recently got adobe illustrator and decided to try and create something so I can start learning how about the different tools and things. I decided to make a panda. This is actually my 2nd attempt at making a panda. The first one came out pretty good, but this one came out better. The first one came out more animated. It looked like it came straight of a show for children. When I made my first panda I was following a tutorial on youtube, it’s very easy to follow. When I made this panda, I only looked at the video when I forgot how to do something. I was much more confident when I made this one because I already had an idea of what to do.

Screenshot (15)

The Jungle Book 2016

I’m so excited for The Jungle Book, I’ve been re-watching the trailer non stop. I found this and I thought it was cool and the shots looks amazing. It’s the actors and their animal counterparts for the movie.

jungle book actors and characters

Christoper Walken is playing King Louie.

Scarlett Johansson is playing Kaa.

Idris Elba is playing Shere Khan.

Lupita Nyong’o is playing Raksha.

Ben Kingsley is playing Bagheera.


What is Happening?

I was watching the Miami Heat game yesterday, and they were playing the San Antonio Spurs. I don’t really pay much attention to the uniforms of any team unless they are wearing something new. Boy was this something new. I put on my glasses to get a better look because I wanted to see what they were wearing and I see that the Spurs have on a camouflage patterned uniform. I understand the idea, and I think it’s beautiful that their uniforms were inspired to honor the men and women of the military, but no. It looks terrible. It needs to go. Whoever made these uniforms needs to go back to the drawing board and fix it and then re-debut it. I think maybe it could look good, but it doesn’t. To me they don’t look like a professional basketball team, they look like a team that’s playing in a competition or a street ball team with this uniform on.


All I can say is yikessss. Maybe there are people that like this uniform, but I am not one of those people.

Leonardo Dicaprio’s Oscar

I was looking through instagram and I thought this was the cutest/funniest thing. It’s an animated video of Leonardo Dicaprio chasing Oscar trophies as his characters from his nominated movie. Each time he tries to get it, it get’s snatched away from him. He’s running and tip-toeing, but he can’t catch it. At the last one he’s crawling and he thinks he’s not going to get it and he finally does and there are tears coming out his eyes because he’s so happy. It’s so cute !


Copyright is the exclusive legal right given to the original creator of a piece of work to use and to give permission for others to use. I think copyright is important because it protects the credit of the original piece of work, but I also think that in some cases it shouldn’t matter. For example if someone is posting a video of a dance rehearsal or a dance performance and it uses a song, I don’t think copyright should matter. It’s not like the person is blatantly trying to steal the song and use it as their own so it shouldn’t matter whether they have permission to use the song or not. That’s just called being annoying.


One copyright issue that I looked up and found interesting was Rogers vs. Koons. Art Rogers was a photographer who shot a photograph of a couple holding puppies. He sold this photograph for use in greeting cards and other products. Jeff Koons was a renowned artist who used Rogers picture to create a bunch of statues. Koons made a large amount of profit off of these statues and Rogers sued for copyright. The outcome is that Koons lost because the similarities were way too close for his work to be considered a parody of Rogers picture. In this case copyright was important because Koons blatantly copied Rogers work and just turned it into a statue.

have several seats

In a situation where something is used as a foundation to build off of in order to create something different, copyright shouldn’t be a problem because it’s not the same exact thing. There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by something and using it to create something different, but there is something wrong with taking something using it with one change made to it and claiming it as your own.

you tried but not really