The Moon Tells All

I attempted to make a GIF today. I interpret this reaction GIF to mean that the night is young. I love how bright the moon gets some nights. I chose this reaction GIF because people correlate Sailor Moon with the moon because the moon is her symbol. Someone would use this gif in place of… Continue reading The Moon Tells All

Online World… Here I Come!

I believe a student or faculty member should have a domain of their own because some people want to have an online identity. In addition, the domain will become one’s personal area in the internet world. One can crave a space on the internet and can post and blog about anything they would like. Jim Groom… Continue reading Online World… Here I Come!

A Blitz of Social Media

I am hardly on any social media platforms. I check Facebook once in a while, but I am always on twitter. I only check YouTube for makeup and hair tutorials. I love feeling inspired. I check tumblr for fashion ideas and different makeup looks. It was Fashion Week in New York City, so many blogs,… Continue reading A Blitz of Social Media


My game plan for communication technology includes a lot of hard work.  I want to aim to complete all the Weekly Reflections, Digital Story Projects, Critique Post, Event Organizer and Blogging. I enjoy doing the weekly assignments. For the weekly reflections, I plan on taking about forty-five minutes on planning, writing and editing my post.… Continue reading TO-DO LIST