Whats going on in Baltimore?

I logged into Facebook to look for my recent pictures that I would use for photoshop. So far I found something different. I don’t have time to keep up with the news lately so I decided to look at some postings on Facebook that have been posted multiple times. Apparently, Grand Theft Auto is happening in real life. I don’t know why this chaos is occurring. This is really disturbing. What happened to peace? Why do properties have to be damaged? If you aren’t happy with the government, write a petition that you are unsatisfied with the law enforcement. Why do other people have to lose their cars, houses, and business?

On CBS 12 News I was watching another video. The mother disciplining her son. What do you think? Is she doing the right thing?

Here is another video that shows why the riot began.
Here is a picture of a cop car:

Heres more: Daily Mail 

What I collect over the years… has actually become a new thing in my life.

Every summer I like to travel to different places. I’ll post up pictures in chronological order according to the years.

Here is the time I went to Israel. I must say that Israel is  a beautiful place. People there care for one another. I felt connected to the people and the land. The land felt peaceful. The weather was amazing when I was there. Whoever is interested in becoming more spritual then you must visit this holy land. Once your there, you won’t want to leave the land, it has the most ancient buildings, landmarks, stones,etc. Safety comes first:don’t forget to carry water with  you everywhere cause you will definately feel dehydrated from too much “vitamin D”.

Summer of 2013:10577_10151804358147591_1646902952_n

I can’t recall the exact place this was, but the view was amazing. From that location I saw most of the land. As you know the land is very small, yet it has many people  live there.

Here is the time I went to Florida, Cruise to Bahamas, and the Caribbean Island. The time I went it was mostly raining so I didn’t get to enjoy my stay in Orlando, Florida, as much as I wanted to. I didn’t go to  Disney World. However, I enjoyed the cruise because they had a casino, club, comedy club, and many different activities that kept me smiling. When I came to the Caribbean Island, I didn’t want to leave because it was calm and relaxing. I would suggest it to many of my friends that were looking into a honeymoon spot. Here is a picture of me at bonfire event that took place on one of the days I was there:

Summer of 2014:



There is more stay tuned…to be continued

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I’m procrastinating on watching 50 Shades of Grey … I’ll watch you soon

I read Michael Branson Smith blog on “Advice from students on nurturing work”, which I found to be interesting because there are many factors of creating a web page such as, taking pictures, making gifs and creating a story on them. Another part of the reading that I found most interesting is preventing procrastination and being more constructive, which I believe in. I missed using Imgur so I took a youtube video and made a gif. I like Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do, music video. Enjoy my gif. You”ll be surprised on the fact that I haven’t had the chance to watch 50 Shades of Grey because I don’t have time to watch it. After this semester ends, I’ll probably watch it with a few of my girlfriends. I can’t wait =]


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I watched a youtube video of disneys  interpretation on copyright. It was talking about how copyright is illegall and shouldn’t be redistributed unless asked by the rightful owner. On the other hand Larry Lessig’s TEDTalk  talks about different laws throughout history in How creativity is being strangled by the law.  He mentioned that there was a law that did not allow planes to trespass certain houses or land. So too this relates to certain people by not copying things from the web and call it their own work.  Here is a funny giphy you can enjoy:

Hey I got a domain name

I’ll admit that I have missed class. However I watched the tutorial that Michael Smith and Ryan Seaslow made. I learned how to make my own domain name step by step. I really thought it was a good idea to have my own blog. I’ll finally get to show everyone what I  like to do on my own time. I’ll even take pictures of food that I cook at home. I have so many ideas. However, I’m limited on time. Sometimes, I wish I had more time to make my own tutorial on cooking, and makeup.Here is one of the pictures I worked on my own time. I like to edit pictures by enhancing them. I hope you like it. It was at a Glitz and Glam event. Which is an event for girls who like makeup, fashion, beauty, and jewelry. I used an app I have on my phone, which is called PhotoDirector . I really like using it. Its a really good app on an android. I’m not sure if apple has this app. I almost forgot to mention my blog name is sofiyackasmoda.com