Final Post

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It seems like just yesterday we started CT 101, and now we are writing our last post. I guess that show how interesting the class was that time flew by and we are now ending a fun and very informative class. When class began i thought that maybe some of the assignments would be hard and difficult to understand but that wasn’t the case. We started with gifs, i have seen gifs all over the place and i always wondered how difficult or easy it was to make one. So when time to make one came, i was excited and with the instructions that we got it was easy. There were certain difficulties like downloading certain videos and removing sounds but other then that it was a great experience. Just like working with premiere, and i can honestly say that working with premiere was one of my favorite assignments because it was easy and fun editing videos to fit our standarts of satisfaction. We had other fun assignments, but one of my top favorites had to be creating our own website. I really enjoyed everything from coming up with the name of the website to picking the right theme. I feel like having your own website is like having your own place where you can express your feelings in various ways and have no limits so i’m really excited to keep working on it and making it better. i learned a lot in this class and i know i will continue to use what i learned here to make my site even better.

Copyright Gone Wrong

Andy Baio states the following in regards to his lawsuit. “It breaks my heart that a project I did for fun, on the side, and out of pure love and dedication to the source material ended up costing me so much — emotionally and financially.” I believe fair-use did not help him at all, and i agree with him, he did a fun project that turned out into a nightmare. On his article he speaks on fair-use and to me it seems like the guidelines clearly apply to his work. Unfortunately he lost the case and had pay tons of money. Then we have Richard Prince who states “When I pasted the guitar onto the first Rasta . . . that was my way in. It was my CONTRIBUTION. It was like a new fig leaf,” in regards to his work being sued.I agree and disagree with him at the same time. I mean he did make some changes where you can say it was his work. Yet his work wasn’t all his, it was like basecally adding something so small and calling it his work, getting all of the credit while Patrick’s work wasn’t credited properly. In this two cases i feel like Andy’s work was not a violation of copyright and fair-use clearly should of been emphasized, he had put in some much work and dedication to make his art piece great. Then we have Prince’s work who was later on appealed (you can say that it was good for him) but it is unfair that so little work could be used to define fair-use.


Copyright is defined as the use of works of others with proper written permission. The emphasis in on the proper written permission, specially when it comes to big companies who do not want their ideas or works to be copied. This day and age, the internet it so big that copyright rules are hardly applied. Once you share a image, video, and certain other things you are basically putting yourself in a position where your work will most likely be changed or “remixed.” In Larry Lessig How creativity is being strangled by the law talk he says “we live life constantly against the law” and i believe that is certainly true. We live in a age where the younger generation is constantly active on the internet, where we are limited by the laws. Copyright certainly is an issues for many artist and other people such a bloggers who must always be on the look out due to the fact that copyright might not give them the credit of originality.