Final Post

It seems like just yesterday we started CT 101, and now we are writing our last post. I guess that show how interesting the class was that time flew by and we are now ending a fun and very informative class. When class began i thought that maybe some of the assignments would be hard and… Continue reading Final Post


The Supreme Court only defines fair use as needing to “alter the original with ‘new expression, meaning, or message.’”

Copyright Gone Wrong

Andy Baio states the following in regards to his lawsuit. “It breaks my heart that a project I did for fun, on the side, and out of pure love and dedication to the source material ended up costing me so much — emotionally and financially.” I believe fair-use did not help him at all, and i agree… Continue reading Copyright Gone Wrong


Copyright is defined as the use of works of others with proper written permission. The emphasis in on the proper written permission, specially when it comes to big companies who do not want their ideas or works to be copied. This day and age, the internet it so big that copyright rules are hardly applied.… Continue reading Copyright?

CT101 Digital Storytelling