Part of the journey is the end…

Well, this is it people – we’re in the endgame now!

First and foremost, I just want to say that CT101 has been an absolute blessing in terms of helping me perfect my artistic motives and giving me a more organized outlook on how I should establish my work. In the early stages of the course, I mentioned that I’m into digital media and subjects that revolve around animation, illustration, and things of that nature. While I do study these mediums in my personal time, I can say in confidence that CT101 has definitely helped keep my focus in check, because one day I do hope to land a job within the animation industry and I’m fully aware that there will be potential employers who will want to see what I can do in a clear and presentable manner.

Looking back from the start of the course, I realized that there’s so much material online that’s been out for years now such as memes, animated GIFS, and the existence of an entire database filled with fun content that can be manipulated, rewritten, and published at the drop of a hat. What I enjoyed the most about learning and working with these outlets is how easily accessible they are. No passwords, no firewall, no complicated logins – it was all available to the public and I think that’s just awesome! Having a blog as convenient as this one really comes in clutch when the opportunity to document all of this work presents itself. Being able to share some of my personal ventures in addition to the course assignments was a real joy.

Our first real assignment consisted of producing animated GIFS and while I did have knowledge regarding these prior to the start of the course, but I have to admit that I wasn’t aware of the various programs that are being used to produce this content today! Utilizing software such from Imgur and GIPHY was a real learning experience and I was surprised that this was so easily accessible. I used to think that there was a intricate process in producing GIFS and animations, but alas – I was wrong.

Adobe Photoshop played a huge role in the makeup of the class and I feel as though many are hesitant to take a digital media course being that it involves a variety of these programs with each one bringing their own unique flavor to the table. I’m not a professional when it comes to using Adobe software, but CT101 has definitely helped increased my proficiency with it by a great deal. Being that I want to get involved in animation as a career I understand that the industry requires state-of-the-art technology in order to create amazing productions and outstanding visuals. The work I’ve completed in this course only emphasized on that truth.

So those are just some of the highlights of the class that resonated with me over time. While we’ve tackled a lot of projects throughout the semester (I can’t speak on every one) and they each held a specific purpose that I feel will benefit me along the way towards my goals and interests.

In regards to my website , I will continue to utilize it as a portfolio for my artwork and other business endeavors. Although I currently use Instagram as a primary platform for my work, I feel as though having the website available on hand will be just as beneficial for not only for me, but for those who are visiting and potential employers as well.

In my honest opinion, I feel as though I’ve earned an A+ as my overall grade. Being that this course was a hybrid there were many opportunities where I could’ve just completed the given assignments from the comfort of my own home, yet I showed up to every in-class session in addition to participating in every assigned project. While I did face some difficulty with some of the work it was largely due to the intricacies within Photoshop. It was a huge adjustment period for me, but in the end I pulled through.

To my classmates and Professor Seslow – I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside you all. CT101 taught me a lot and I hope to see you guys around campus! So until next time – see you on the web!



Creatives in the making!

I had the opportunity to check out some of the websites you guys provided on Tuesday. I was real impressed with what I saw and I can tell you all have your own unique interests whether it’s art, sports, or even culinary! It’s amazing that we live in an era where we can freely express ourselves through different means while reaching multiple people at any time and any place. Most of you have already published a large amount of content in the several weeks we’ve had these sites up and running. I can only imagine what they’ll look live in maybe a month or so or perhaps a YEAR from now!

One site in particular I could not click away from was made by fellow CT 101 classmate, Tim Peterson! You guys should really go check out his work and the content he’s posted so far. Tim specializes in sports news, feedback, and highlights and the website really emphasizes on all of those things and more! This is an excellent time to take a look at all this info given that the NBA Playoffs are happening as we speak and the finals are not that far off! He also has a separate section devoted to MLB news. The level of detail on Tim’s site is just astounding and as soon as you reach the home page it feels like you just stumbled upon ESPN or Sports Illustrated.

You guys are amazing! I hope that you use your websites to their full potential and I’m excited to see how they’ll progress as time passes. With that being said …

I’ll see you on the web. Ciao!



Co-op City 50th Anniversary Poster!

Co-op City is holding a poster contest and I decided to enter for a chance to have my art used for promotional purposes and $200! I could really use your support so if you could just go to you’ll find all of the featured artwork on the home page as well as instructions telling you on how to submit your vote. Thank you in advance and please share it with your friends! If you voted – feel free to leave a comment!

Visual Arts Recommendation: K Michael Russell

Hey – just a quick recommendation for anyone that’s into visual art, comics, and storytelling. Check out K Michael Russell’s channel on YouTube! He has tons of tutorial videos where he talks about comics, color theory, composition, and he offers some really good approaches on how to improve your art as well. I’ve been checking out a lot of his work lately and I’m just taking it all in. There’s so much material regarding sequential art I’m learning from him and it’s amazing! While Russell works primarily with Adobe Photoshop – I usually work with Sketchbook Pro. However, the good thing about his tutorials is that whether you’re working on a traditional or digital medium – the rules can be applied ANYWHERE! I hope you guys check out his work and maybe you’ll learn some new things in the process. That’s all for now, later!


Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are not my only hope…

Hey y’all, I hope every one is enjoying a fantastic spring break so far. I wanted to check in with a new project I found in the DS106 Assignment Bank. I’m not gonna spoil it for you guys so I want you to check it out whenever you get the chance and perhaps give it a try for yourself and see what you come up with! I have to say that these assignments are really enjoyable and help kill a lot of time as well.