Making my first several Gif

I thoroughly enjoyed this in-class exercise involving making,  for the majority of us, our first Gif’s. For me personally i’ve always wanted to know how to do it but surprisingly I’ve never taken the initiative to learn on my own. I chose sheree whitfield from the Real Housewives of Atlanta as my  first Gif, because her facial expressions are pricelist. They can match any mood. And because of this experience i’m going to take the initiative to research whether or not it can be done with sound.

Making Me Happy

I do love my Chanel bags, furs and my coveted Louboutin’s but nothing can compare to the three to the three things I’m about to mention. Today being around family, counting my education and rediscovering myself and want to do in life is making me happy. As i continue to grow, mature and have new experiences I can only more clearly see what has the most value to me in life.