Wally Sutton’s Internet Art Making Creative Blogging Project “Lassie”

Who is Lassie and why is she here?

Lassie is originally known and being famous for her role as Lassie  TV Rough Collie dog and KIll BILL is a movie staring Uma Thurman is former assassin known as The Bride, she just so happens to a wake up from a four-year coma. The child she carried in her womb is now missing and she is now going wreak vengeance on the team of assassins who betrayed her… a team she was once part of. in this picture Lassie has to save her family from the kitty gang and there human army. It will be a trying task but the love she has for her family will get her

Web site edit 2

On my website I changed my background to a picture of me in the Bahamas with a dolphin,down below. It was my first trip out of the country and i really enjoyed the experience and look forward to many more like it. I’m really enjoying the process of creating a website, I’ve made several menu options including; home, Ig Post, About and Youtube tutorials. Some of my  personal touches, my little gifs I’ve added to the website from our first assignment that are below. On my Youtube page I’ve added several videos as well.

My website is http://www.loubzandboooty.com


Web Site Edit

so i felt my blog would seem just like my social media if im basically doing the same thing, uploading pictures and videos. So i’ve decided to add my personal touch, my little gifs. I’ve found a way to add audio (song: Poke It Out By Playboi Carti & Nicki Minaj) but not a playlist, with that i will continue to do research and see if its possible. I’ve also change the Background several times and haven’t yet to decide on a permanent one.


My website is http://www.loubzandboooty.com



Web site

This is my website. http://loubzandboooty.com/ … I wasn’t to sure about what content to upload, so n the end I decided to share my personal life, my every day to day activity. On my website so far I’ve added my instagram feed, and rearranged icon and have added some new ones. Later i plan on changing my background, thinking of more unique content so it doesn’t seem repetitive, and i will also try to see if i can added a playlist to the website as well.