Finally Got my Vapor Wave

After so much struggle trying to make a vapor wave, I was finally able to create one using newhive. I knew most of the process into making a gif but I was struggling to create a vapor wave gif using these amazing and colorful backgrounds. Newhive was a great help since I was able to put two gifs, one for the background and the other which is the main, together into one. Upon discovering this huge secret, I made two different vapor wave to make sure I never forget these steps.

This is my first ever Vapor Wave:

Than came this one from one of the favorite show:
Last but not least, My favorite animal in space:

My reaction towards the Class and Future Assignments

I went through tons of classes on CUNYfirst before adding this class to my schedule and at the moment I feel great that I did my research before adding a class. I am taking this class as an interest. So far I am very amazed by everything taught in class and utilizing it outside the classroom.

Future Assignment

The first assignment I would like to work on is creating a movie barcode. This is interesting assignment because it will be something new for me and it will teach me to create a unique barcode for my favorite movies. I have learned to generate a barcode in Microsoft word in my previous job and I really found it interesting how simple and easy it was to generate a barcode with numbers or variables. This assignment will teach me to put a whole two hour movie in a small barcode.

The second assignment I chose to work on is sticky note animation because I have always been interested in creating animations through art. I have watched tons of people who created sticky note animation on youtube and always wondered how they created it. This might be my best chance on learning how to create an animation using my art.