Future Assignments

I am excited to see what this class will teach me, I already have high hopes! The two assignments I chose to work on from the DS106 list was the Make your own mixtape from audio assignments and create a logo from design assignments. The reason I chose these two was because I am a music artist and I already know how to make my own music and record it, but I don’t know how to do graphic designing so I thought that would be a cool new adventure for me to try. I am trying to come out of my technology comfort zone, so hopefully this helps!

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Making me happy post

Hey guys, so anyone who knows me like REALLY really knows me..knows that I am a really shy person when we first meet. I don’t like being to center of attention, I don’t like getting noticed and I DEFINITELY don’t like being known. I do however tend to break out of that shell immediately if the person I’m meeting for the first time loves to produce, write and sing their own music. That is the one thing that makes me happier than anything else in this world! I am not the best singer, I mean duh, look at Beyonce, but I can sing and I love to express myself through music.

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I am also an acoustic musician, I play guitar and piano. I used to be more heavily into music, but I as i get older the bills pile up and I lose interest in writing anything because I’m so stressed or too busy to make anything worth while. I recently as in, a year ago, started posting my own music up where people can hear it and this way I build up a fan base. My friend Elijah Safi, also known as Young Nasaro in the music world, was my first inspiration to start putting my music out there. Although, Elijah has over 10,000 followers on Instagram, twitter and more than 1,000 listeners on sound cloud. I posted my first two songs up as singles on spotify, and no I will not give you the name to search for because those were experimental and just to get my name out there!

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Singing has always been something I’ve enjoyed doing and I hope that it never stops, although I have had a really bad case of writers block going on…


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