Farewell To My Beloved CT101

I never thought I would be writing this but here we are.





It has been fun and exciting for past few weeks being part of CT101. I have learned much more than I have learned in my other classes. Being in this class has taught me so many new things, creative ways to explore my creativity using different tools and techniques which I am very thankful of. It was a very expressive and innovative journey for me. I will miss being part of this class. This is my personal website. 

DS106 Projects and Me!

Something to know about me is that when I see something and I really like it, then I want to learn how to make it. When I saw different assignments on DS106, it made me want to try to create some of the projects that I found interesting and cool. That’s when I had to step back for second because I knew that I will not be able to create them without some assistance. I was really frustrated and annoyed but hopefully, I will learn how to create these assignments and gain the skills that are necessary to create these two assignments:  I found this Disney Mashup from the Mashup Assignment and thought it was really beautiful and brought some childhood memories.
I believe this assignment would be tough and more complicated since one of my friends tried to follow the steps to create this and it was a mess. Since I am not familiar with the concepts of typography and silhouetted, I loved to familiarize myself.

Two projects that I think I am capable of doing are: Visual Assignment “Places of Peace” which is like using different pictures to create a collage.

Visual Assignments “Who Said What” 

I am soo excited! Can not wait to explore my creative side!

Are Memes Art?

There should not be any sort of question that questions if memes are art or not because CT101 clearly says otherwise.

I never thought of memes as a form of art until I started taking ct101. The more I learn about memes the more I was intrigued about them. Although, the definition of “memes”  is associated with cultural and behavior, however, in my opinion, it is a form of art due to it representing an expression that conveys certain emotions. I prefer memes over museum because when I look at a meme that I can relate to then it makes me happy. It evokes emotions like “at least there is something that I can relate my emotions with” not some museum painting. Memes make me happy.

People who create these memes have to work really hard and be creative in order to attract people attention just the way an artist would do when painting, sculpturing, and drawing.

Two of my favorite memes that I relate on a daily basis are:

When my little brothers think they can add another dish and get away with it.

All the time.

Interesting Yet Nerve-Wracking!

It feels like I am on a rollercoaster. It’s exciting but at the same time nerve-wracking. It’s confusing like when you are blindfolded and have no idea what’s going on. All of your senses are on alert to make sure you can catch on whatever is going on around as much as you can. It’s tiring but intriguing.












One thing for sure I am excited to explore myself, learn new things about myself and the technology, how to use different tools to create GIFS, animations, and transform videos into GIFS.













Sometimes it can get really overwhelming. I might forget certain things or do something incorrectly that might lead to “lost me”. It might not be this class that’s causing it but other aspects of my life. Those might be the times where I am going to be like “I Need Help” because I forgot a certain step.

Things That Make Me Happy On The Internet!

I enjoy looking at different types of food on the internet, especially the ones that are originated from the Middle East, Latin America, Italian, Guinea, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc. Being able to search on the internet the type of food I want and the location they are at makes me really happy. Another reason as to why I like the food from these countries is due to its spices. I love spicy food and seeing images of it on the internet makes me really happy.

Kebab in Gilgit

I do not hate food that’s not spicy but I am not a big fan of it either. There is no such thing as “in the middle”. It has to be spicy or just sweet. I enjoy eating any type of dessert as long as it includes chocolate, coffee, and cocoa. One of my favorite places to visit for dessert is “GLORIA JEAN’S COFFEES” which you can easily find on the internet.