DS106 Project Ideas


In this assignment we are to choose at least two projects under The DS106 Assignment Repository. In the following link it provides many project ideas within different subject categories.  From  The DS106 Assignment Repository, I decided to chose the Chimeratic Composition under visual assignment category. From the description below photo shops skills would be needed in order to place three different pictures into one.







For my second project idea I decided to chose Turn a GIF into a FIG, under the Animated GIF assignment category. In this assignment your basically creating a GIF that runs backwards. In completing this assignment I’m sure using photo shop or even other programs could easily complete this assignment.






Are Memes Art?

Are memes art? In my opinion memes is definitely a form of art. I believe  memes allows one, to express their creative mind in many situations and aspects in life.



What makes memes a form of art? Well the definition of art “is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” This conclude that yes, memes is a form of art. It may not be the typical traditional art that comes to mind, however, it is in fact something that consist a creative mind.

Memes are an endless form of art that would always be a way of self-expression. Memes are created in many infinite ways, it just takes how one is able to interpret their expression such as the example below.







To funny  memes that we all can relate.

Reaction to CT101

I chose this class not knowing what CT was about.

Animated GIF

Learning that this class is about creating gifs/memes and even more fun things to come.

Eager to learn, this class seems its going to be a fun class.

How the actual first day of class felt.

Brainstorming and trying to be creative within the assignments so far.

Noticing that there is infinite possibilities in creating and choosing what materials to use.

How I feel towards the end of class. Its not that I don’t like the class its just its my only class for the day. And I rather be home relaxing, because I’m tired out from the day before.