Catching up for today!

I had something come up this morning which caused me not to be able to make it to class this morning.

But have no fear! This will be my catch up post!

I see that we will be making our own domains next week! How exciting! I love having my own domain website! I currently own two domains, and just purchased a new name but still haven’t connected it on to the host that I want. So the current domains I own are ArianaTheGreat.comThe New York Daydreamers,
and (this one has no home yet) but i’d like for it to live under  this home, but that also needs some work. I’m planning to turn that into my portfolio for things I like to do wether it be photography, design, or whatever in the future I plan to display and do. So I’m pretty excited to do one for CT101! I’m… let’s say a frustrated blogger! I got the ideas, but not enough writing flow happening on the keyboard! I don’t know what type of content I’ll be writing, but I’d like to call it The Millennial!



So today in CT101, the goal was to play around with the panorama feature on our phones to create a cool photo! I’ve tried this once before, and let’s just say it was a failure but surprisingly the one we did for class came out really cool! Let me call this “OUR OWN ENEMIES”. I got the idea for the picture from the TV show Naruto and his kamehameha powers of some sort.   I think we did a good job recreating it. Let’s write a back story to this.. shall we?

We believe we have many enemies in life, a lot of temptations, hatred and let’s just there’s a lot of negativity in life. It may come from different aspects of our life from our friends, family, work, school, the internet. We can find enemies in every aspect of our lives but who are our biggest enemies? Guess W H O? It’s OURSELVES. It kind of reminded me of this meme. “Dark Side Kermit”.

Nobody can really bring us down until we let them, so that means we are our own enemies. This picture really depicts that. We are the one attacking ourselves, and we’re pretty defenseless a lot of the time.

We had a lot of fun creating this photo!!! Until the next class project!



So this morning I woke up and just began my morning routine. As usual, I was running late and I was rushing out the door. Just another normal day with work and class. Nothing special until 10:53am came around…


When I was 13, I was obsessed with the Jonas Brothers..

This is  13yr  old  me 

The quality is really bad but hey this was over 10 years ago. I probably took this on a slide phone!!

— and when I heard they were breaking up or “no longer becoming a band” anymore I was sad, but during that time I just starting college, and in my freshman year and I didn’t really care. I told myself “I’m over them”.



FEBRUARY 28TH 29 10:53am hits. I’m on the E training scrolling through twitter, and I see this post..

and basically I let out quiet “ahhhhh”, and my heart starts beating fast.

This is how I was feeling


and also releasing a song tonight at midnight. My heart can’t take anymore news! Soon they might announce that they’re going on tour and this will be me 

So that is why I almost passed out in the train this morning, because the Jonas Brothers are having a reunion.



Visual Bucket List!! DS106 Inspired!

You have a bucket list. I have a bucket list. We all probably have a bucket list, but the thing is.. is it really a physical list? Or just an imaginary list that we’ve made in our heads? We decide we want to do something, then we say
“oh that’s on my bucket list”. So this is a fun challenge, to actually think about the thing that I actually have on my bucket list, and make them into visuals.

The goal for this assignment is to collect some photos of your “Bucket List”, put them into a collage and write what it is/where it is and write a brief summary on why it’s made it on to your bucket list.

DS106 Bucket List Assignment

Here’s my take on the project-

Things that I accomplished this week.

I am the QUEEN of procrastination, and even the smallest accomplishments are a big accomplishments to me.

This is me everyday of the week:


So like I said every small task that I managed to do from my list is already a great accomplishment.

You know that saying: 

A task is a task no matter how small. Funny right?

The first thing I’ve accomplished this week was to take photos of makeup I want to review. I love flatlays, I love looking at them on  Instagram #flatflays . I also love arranging things, to make them cohesive! So that was my first task and accomplishment this week. Here’s a look of that! I quite proud of it actually. I took a lot of photos, but this one was the best for me!

I made a layout for a future blog post for my website! Words are coming up soon, but that’s another task for another week! I feel that the creative part to things always comes first, or comes “naturally” to me then the writing is always the struggle.


The last thing that I’ve accomplished this week was finally finishing up my self-logo! A lot of people ask how I made this logo, and I laugh and say “Yeah I’m asking myself the same thing”. It was just luck when I was playing around with illustrator and photoshop. Maybe I’ll try to recreate another photo, and write a post about it so I can learn and others can learn from it.