The struggle of choosing a major

Throughout the first few years of college I was very skeptical about what major I wanted to pick. I always wanted to do something creative and fun. So I finally decided to go for journalism. It will allow me to showcase my love for photography, fashion, makeup, cooking, traveling and learning about different people and their stories from around the world. I have based my blog around my major as well and named it “A journalist’s journal,” I look forward to sharing all my experiences on my blog hoping that one day I can look back at it and see how far I have come.


RESPONSE: A Domain of One’s Own

     While reading the article, Beneath the Cobblestone…A Domain of One’s own,  an idea Audrey Watters mentions which stood out to me is about technology and magic. She states, “What’s magic: the ability to connect to other people — and connect in deeply meaningful ways — even though separated by physical space.” She shared her personal experience of going through a hard time in life which led her to create a blog. She found someone to talk to through her blog whom she did not meet for years. She does not call this communication, she calls it “human connection.” It is this “connection” which makes us so comfortable with sharing our privacy throughout the internet. We as users do not really focus on the technical aspect of the internet, we focus on connectivity and how she compares this to magic was very fascinating.

 I think the idea of having a space where you can share your life is amazing. This idea has definitely grown throughout the years. Although I am a very private person, I would love to create a blog and use my creativity to share ideas with others.

Dear 13 year old me,

The DS106 Assignment that stood put to me was “A letter to you as a child” So here’s the advice I would give myself.


Dear 13 year old Me,

I just wanted to stop by and give you an insight on what the future holds. Enjoy the teen years while they last. After graduating high school is when it all really begins. Choose your friends wisely and don’t over think everything so much! Alway keep your faith in God and no matter what happens stay humble and spread positivity wherever you go. At the end of the day it will all be okay.

Adult me