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Ct 101 has been one of my favorite classes this semester. Despite waking up early in the morning and traveling almost two hours on the train every Thursday morning, I did enjoy the class. What I enjoyed about this class was learning new skills, for example, how to make gifs, how to photoshop, how to edit a video clip into something and so much more. I was never the type to think I would be interested into something like this, I would normally take the easy way out by finding apps that already have existing gifs or ask someone to edit a picture for me if I have to but now that I’ve learned these skills I can now apply by MYSELF when necessary. I’ll definitely be looking forward to using my skills on things like Facebook or even through texting (I’m big on expressing myself through gifs and memes and now I can make my own).

Okay, so,  as we all know we had to make a huge transformation to online classes because of COVID19, thanks to this class which was already “online” it wasn’t that bad of a transformation. The only thing we did differently was to make a website and a WordPress page. The class was going well, I was always in zoom meetings when I had to. I ended up having my allergies attacking me left, right, and center!

To this day it’s still beating me bad, I’ve been having my allergies for the past 3 weeks and I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since then since I’m always congested which bothers with my breathing which leads to me not being able to sleep at night.

It’s so bad that I have to be on medication every day and I have to take it right after my classes because it knocks me out as soon as it’s consumed. So because of this, I wasn’t able to do much school work but I did as much as I could because I didn’t want to fall back in my classes. Being that professor Ryan stated that there’s no due date on the assignments

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but just make sure to have them in before the semester ends, I had the time to focus on my other classes that were more important. With that being said, I’m just having the time to do the assignments. Will I keep my website? That I am still debating on because I do have some cool artwork I could showcase on it but at the same time will I have time for it? I’ve already had some frustrations with this website, from getting it disabled to not being able to edit certain things the way I want to. The grade I was aiming for in this class, which I hope I still get is an A. How can one get anything less than that if you’re doing all your work. I really enjoyed this class, I’ve never experienced having a professor that is deaf,

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I’ve never experienced something like that and even though he is, this class was just the same or even cooler than any other classes with “normal” professors’ class.

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To whoever is reading this check out my art pieces on my website:  

or follow my Instagram ( where I post some of them on my stories. This is where I’ll be posting my art pieces, some of which are down below.

Flexibility in the kinds of digital storytelling

This first assignment I chose is to make a recreation of my own family. Every since I was young and watched this more than once I’ve always related it to my family so I think it would be cool to recreate it using our pictures. To do this project I think I need to learn how to Photoshop pictures into another picture, making sure it doesn’t look like the previous picture was there to begin with.

This other project I chose was to tell a story using five pictures, i think this would be a fun project to do. I already love taking pictures so this shouldn’t be as bad or hard to accomplish. But of course still gotta learn some more skill on how to edit and the right app to use to make it less of a hassle.

For both projects I think they would be something fun to do and in order to get better at them or learn how to do it in the first place (Photoshop), it would takes practice and more practice, so i’d hope I’m able to do it as much as I want in order to learn the skill/s. I think its important and not important to learn how to Photoshop or anything in that field, its all based on the person. It is a useful skill to learn but also if you rather a raw picture and you’re not into these things, then I don’t see why its important but if you want to spice up your raw photo just a bit then it is important, besides that its important to learn in order to pass the class (insert corny smiley face).

Assignment #3

Are memes art?
  • I have a simple answer to that which is yes, it is art. It is a creative way to express yourself through different type of pictures of anything and expressing it digitally (if that makes sense). For example, you want to express yourself to someone you’re texting but you don’t feel like taking a picture of yourself to show that person how you’re actually feeling so you send them a meme which describes how you feel and its a good source of communication.

here are some memes I enjoyed making

Assignment #2

At first I was like whatever, i’m just doing this for the credit

and then hearing about all the cool things i’ll will be learning about but knowing I have no knowledge of it.

but willing to learn and finding it actually amazing that i’ll be able to do these things by the end of the semester, i’m HYPE!

the only downfall about this class is that it is early in the morning and i’m not a morning person.

I am definitely looking forward for a great semester.

Assignment #1

I’m Antonia, I enjoy doing anything hands on, for example, makeup, art, painting, decorating and cooking. What’s making me happy on the internet right now is Instagram explorer’s page where they have video threads about ASMR seafood or just eating seafood, also a video I just posted of my niece that I watch everyday, literally.