amazing Gif portrait!

This project was pretty frustrating to accomplish. Since I was absent last week I felt like I missed out. But with the guidance of my fellow scholars I was able to do the task without physically being in the classroom. For this particular mini project we had to pick any picture we wanted to and then  make it into a gif. We first made the picture large form google instead of *medium*. Then you had to go to adjustment and change each layer picture to your liking I just played around with the contrast and made it how I like it. Then make sure to save each layer when you finish. The final step to go to file, export, and save for web. 

Project ideasss!!

I was confused as to what to do actually do for this blog post but as I looked at the ct 101 website and with the help of some of your examples I got it. We have a lot of exciting little projects we will be working on in the future and they seem pretty interesting.I thought that we would be doing the actual project.

  • I chose this one as my first assignment I would be interested in knowing how to do. I have chosen this project because the fact that we get to chose any disney songs and mash them up and basically make our own little mix to it it’s amazing. I have never thought about that idea before. I would need to know how to work with different sounds and make them flow. I wonder which software we would use this make this work I’m curious. This skill is really important because if I don’t know how to produce different sounds then it wouldn’t work.

  • I chose this as my second assignment i would be interested in knowing how to do. I have chosen this project because it’s very simple and cute! How fun is to write your name with a font of your choice and put designs of your choice. I read the instructions just to have a sense of what to expect. We would need to use the cool letters website. I did not check the website but I know it would be interesting.

Memes memes memes!

Memes are a way anyone can express their inner creative side which is our right side of our brain. That is one of the things I kept in my head in my linguistics course last semester [I highly recommend this class by the way :)].. let me not get out of track here. This week we learned to make memes it was so exciting .. how fun is it to actually make funny little memes and share it with your friends and making them wonder how you did it .. but it’s not that hard just use the software (photoshop).

Here are a few funny memes:

This is from my favorite show of all time ‘unbreakable with Kimmy Schmidt’ and I used one of my favorite characters to make one of my memes.

Even though I said that it was easy to make memes it’s not easy to come up with words to put on the picture itself but I tried hope you guys enjoy my memes :


Love this class! – Reaction to class post

I really enjoy this class already even though this is only week 2. I have always loved technology and want to pursue something in this field. The fact that we learned how to make our own gifs is amazing!!! Now when i can’t find the perfect gif I can always make my own gif and use that one. I can’t wait to do more exciting things in this class. This is my mood!


Watching them makes me happy!

I’m not really a makeup person but I have been playing around with it. I remember I never understood why people put on makeup. But when my sister’s put it on my face I feel different..because of the parts of my face that gets enhanced. I still don’t now how to perfectly do my brows which I don’t have lol but still learning. But watching these YouTubers are super fun to watch and they know what they are doing. They have fun making their videos and they have a great sense of humor. They are twins by the way and today is their birthday. So Happy Birthday to them !!! This Gif came from the collab that they did on youtube and I hope they make more..