What have I learned in CT101 & my website!

So this class was a very creative and fun class that allowed me to dig into my more artistic roots.  I knew photoshop beforehand but I continued to hone my skills because of my career path requires it.

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The website that I will be showing off will be my personal website:


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This my website for my portfolio, I’m recently having trouble as to what to add in terms of personal flair, so I’m looking for some feedback on it cause;

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My Websites!

SO I have multiple websites:

This is my professional portfolio website when I searching for internships and jobs!

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I want to be a user experience designer, or basically be within the creative tech industry so this website gives me the opportunity to expose my work to potential employers/contacts


Is my basketball blog. I should be more active on it since I do have a lot to say about the NBA world but this website gives me the ability to breakdown all my thoughts about basketball.


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So this the website that I made in this class, I honesty have no idea what to really do with this site, so if anyone has any suggestions that would be great!

Light & Dark

The original poster describes a vacation spot in Venezuela which shows how you can just leave your house/cares in the air enjoying scenery of the country.

Meanwhile with my edits, it was supposed to be a starwars esque theme depicting the main characters of the new trilogy having their inner turmoil of the light and darkside.