Characters Communicating Through Blogging

These two characters represent the two sides of the sneaker culture. The people who are in it for the appreciation, and the people who are in it for the business. Both characters communicate through social media going back and forth under sneaker blog post or on Facebook about where sneakerculture stands. It is a never ending debate about whether it should be about the profit in the sneaker business or if sneakers are a true enjoyment in peoples lives.

First Photoshop Gif

This is my first time creating a gif from scratch using photoshop. This process was very confusing at first because I am not use to photoshop and how to use it correctly. However, once I began to familiarize myself with the tools included in photoshop, it was fun to figure out different effects and colors I was able to add to the photo. The steps to this were kind of confusing but once I understood, it was easy. The first step was to find a good quality image that would be able to use with photoshop. Then, we had to create several copies and edit each copy to its own unique design which is known as “layers.” Once I edited the layers, I added all of them into a script that allowed me to create a timeline. Within the timeline I was able to loop a slideshow that created the gif. 

Project ideas

I decided to choose these two projects because they can both be correlated if the photos and videos are used correctly. I also choose these two projects because I collect sneakers and enjoy the rewarding feeling of getting pairs that are limited. I am confident with the photography because I like to take pictures of the sneakers I am wearing for the day and post it on my social media accounts. However, when it comes to capturing good shots in a video I think I need to work on the proper settings and angles to get good footage. I think I would be able to create 2-3 different projects based on sneakers because of the different categories I can use in each video. Also I would be able to improve my story telling skills by sharing how and why I decided to purchase each sneaker that I currently have.