Larger than Life

An assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank titled Larger than Life encouraged us to “Take a picture of an everyday object and make it look larger than life.” This was an assignment I was easily capable of accomplishing. I selected to take a larger than life or close-up photo of highlighters by angling my camera phone to take the photo of the highlighters from the bottom up.

Sometimes, especially when we feel discouraged or overwhelmed, we tend to focus on the dark moments of our life. It is during those moments when I find it especially necessary to have family, friends or even photographs available to remind us about certain highlights of our life. Sometimes remembering those amazing highlights or meaningful experiences can brighten whatever dark perspectives we have regarding our current situations.

I recently read an article titled “Lady Pastor: How would you describe the highlights of your life?” This is an article that encourages people to reflect on celebrations of personal triumphs, important events, significant lessons learned, people who’ve shaped their perspectives, etc. It’s important to keep those highlighters handy and focus on the big picture of how amazing our lives truly are.


Puppy Love

I love my dog. He truly makes me happy.


And I love funny, cute dog videos. No matter how many times I’ve watched this particular clip in the past 5 years, I still crack up every time. This pup is so cute and his reactions hilarious. Kudos to whoever created this on Talking Animals. I wish I were just as talented to create videos of conversations with my dog and me.