I am… Omnipresent

She’s… she’s everywhere!

Oh, yes. Yes… I am omnipresent.

Today my classmates and I had a fun time experimenting with Panorama. In one of our photos, you see me (a double, actually) standing on the left. In the middle there are two of us, and then a trio on the right. It’s as if I had three clones of myself lurking around campus and befriending everyone. Well, I’ll never actually ever be cloned… but that would be awesome, wouldn’t it? I must say cloning effects with Panorama is the coolest thing I’ve learned this week. As I browsed the internet for more information on the topic, I found this cool Epic Clone Action Video! It’s pretty awesome. And, of course, there’s a tutorial – Adobe After Effects 25 Minute Advanced Cloning Tutorial – but it’s way above my level of expertise.


Adele & Seal are doing a duet!! No, not Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel

You guys remember Seal, right? “Kiss from a Rose“… sold 30 million albums worldwide… used to be married to Heidi Klum… Well, wouldn’t it be kind of interesting if he and the amazing Adele did a duet together? Does Adele even do duets? Well, she does now… Check out this snapshot of Adele and Seal rehearsing a new single. Well, wait… that’s not Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel. Oh well. Same difference… A seal is a seal.

As part of a Pop Star Out of Place assignment, I used PhotoShop to join a photo of this adorable laughing seal and Adele seemingly performing together.


Life’s a Glitch!

After taking a shower and blowing out my au naturale black hair, I decided to create this GIF by taking a fierce selfie with my Samsung cell phone. I edited the photo by using the Gallery’s built-in Vintage effect. Next, I used the Glitch! app, which I downloaded using Google Play. I used the 3D and Animation options simultaneously, then saved as a GIF.


I decided to start eating healthily again. So, to create this video I took a photo of myself eating an apple on my Samsung cell phone. I edited the photo by using the built-in Posterize effect at about 40%. Next, I used the Glitch! app, which I downloaded using Google Play. I created a 3D still image in Glitch! and saved it. Then I returned to the app and created an animation using the Ghost and Animation options simultaneously. I’d initially meant to save it as a GIF but it saved as a 4-second video instead and I just went along with it.


Cinema Mosaic

One animated GIF assignment that I would love to learn how to do is the Cinema Mosaic in the DS106 Assignment Bank. The assignment requires that you choose a film and create an animated mosaic from a single image (like a poster) or gif (a single moment).

The instructions suggest that you divide that image into a grid – 3 x 3 for a total of nine images. For each portion of the grid add a different moment of the film into a new gif. Tile the new gifs together in a mosaic. The resulting set of gifs should alternate between the single image and the various moments.

This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but I believe it might be easier if someone walked me through it.

The mosaic has nine gifs. They were placed together but are not linked together, so I’m unable to copy and paste the entire design on here.