Vaporwave: I tried

After watching a video on the brief history of vaporwave, I followed the step-by-step Vaporarts 101: Visual Aesthetics Photoshop Tutorial. I really don’t know if I was on the right track or not, but this was my end result. According to Aesthetic Wiki: Vaporwave, “imagery associated with vaporwave includes glitch art, Renaissance sculptures, ’90s web design, outmoded… Continue reading Vaporwave: I tried

I don’t like politics

I don’t like politics. But this year, I paid attention. The news coverage of Donald Trump’s bigotry, racism, sexism, islamophobia, ableism, narcissism, and bullying made me (as well as most others who could care less about politics) pay attention… I’m a naturalized citizen, and I voted for the first time ever… out of fear, I suppose.… Continue reading I don’t like politics

Maroon Breeze

I miss traveling. I miss going new places, meeting new people, witnessing unusual lifestyles, appreciating all the beauties of the world, and falling in love with new cultures… I miss moving. Moving to a new environment meant pressing the reset button and starting a new life. Sleeping in airports and sitting on aircraft were usually my transition periods to creating new… Continue reading Maroon Breeze

I am… Omnipresent

She’s… she’s everywhere! Oh, yes. Yes… I am omnipresent. Today my classmates and I had a fun time experimenting with Panorama. In one of our photos, you see me (a double, actually) standing on the left. In the middle there are two of us, and then a trio on the right. It’s as if I had three… Continue reading I am… Omnipresent