Creating My Web

Creating my website was a really great and fun experience. I always wanted to create my own website. I always wanted to create my own because I might use it in the future, when I work or if I start my own business. I enjoy creating it and getting started by selecting the image that represents my website. I like how we are able to arrange and construct our website in our own way. I also enjoy looking at the things it may have and do. I want to be able to arrange my website in my own way in the future.

Third Gif project

Bella Hadid

Trying to follow directions for this project was really hard. I was trying to take out parts of the picture I had chose and put a different picture in the back to make an effect so it can move. It was really hard because I didn’t know step by step how to finish the work. I would like to give it another try next week to do better. She is  a model and she is very beautiful as well. I will use this same picture to re do the project from last week. I hope I could be able to figure it out.

Gifs in Motion

Lana Del Ray

It was slightly a little easier for me to create the gif on my own. I was able to help some of my peers with theirs. It was a little of a struggle to help my other peers because some of them had an updated form of photoshop. However, I tried to help as much as I could. Sadly I didn’t get to finish this project in class, but at least I was able to produce the Gif and post it on a draft so I can continue writing about the experience another day. I really enjoy making these Gifs because I get to practice using my idols. I love Lana Del Ray because her music is magical. I love how she has a 20s genre of music and its really classy. Her voice is soothing to my ears and it makes me relaxed. Her music isn’t very common, however I enjoy it. 

GIF in a portrait


This is Rihanna represented as a GIF in a portrait. It was a lot of steps to try and get this image to become a GIF. I first started  looking for a portrait image. Then I dowloaded the image to the computer. Once I dowloaded the image I  opened photoshop in order to crop the image. After I cropped it we had to open a new photoshop tab where we had to create a transparent box. I started to get confused while I was going though the process because i am not a photoshop expert. After getting it done I realized we had to arrange the colors and filters of the image two more times. I saved all three images separately. Once we finished that it was a little more harder for me to follow along so I started asking my peers for help. I figured we had to add hem into a timeline and   I started to play the timeline. It was finally coming together looking like a GIF. At last I saved my image and uploaded to the website. I was happy with it because even tho it was a struggle I achieved to do it.



Panoramic Story


As you can see I am talking on the phone on the left side of this image and on the right I’m waving my hands.

On this panoramic picture I intend to be loud when talking on the phone. On the right side of the image you have my friends and I confused and upset for being so loud. This is a reference to people disturbing the peace and quiet in public places.

How to do it

To create a panoramic picture on an I phone you must first go to your camera. Then you should find the type of picture you want to take, which is “Pano.” Once you press it you must move the phone sideways in the same direction. If you want someone or yourself to be in the panoramic picture twice you must choose a side first. Then the person holding the camera will move it straight sideways and stop in the middle. Then you will go around and pose in the opposite side. That is when the person holding the phone will finish the panoramic picture by moving it the rest of the way.