Girl Power

Happy International Women’s Day!

This is my second animated GIF of the strong, intelligent boss lady Michelle Obama! I was able to walk myself (with some help from my peer) through it. And I also semi-taught the steps to my peer- she helps me I help her. The process to making this cool flashing GIF is to resize the image to 8×10, select all, copy and paste. Save the original in new size, then start to manipulate the image. Once saved and manipulated twice, then click on create animation frame, then script- load files into stacks. Then select all images, click the tiny box then make frames from layers and press play to watch this cool flashing image forever!

GIF Portrait Project

This is my first GIF from scratch! In order to create this GIF there were a few steps involved to make this work. It needed to be edited and saved in different files in order to show the manipulated image, and scripted into 3 different layers, then made into frame animation to see the flashing GIF.  This was actually pretty fun to do because I’m not tech savvy, even less photoshop, but I think it came out pretty cool. I like the different colors of this animation and Frida Kahlo is just badass so makes it all that better! 


I did one of the writing assignments which only allows you to use the top 1000 most used words and it took longer than I thought- hence the instructions! I wrote a short bio but when my words are limited (even though 1000 words sounds like a lot) I had to go back and change what I was trying to say a few times because I couldn’t use the word I would automatically go to.  The list has pretty much all the words we normally use and don’t realize we do since it just comes naturally, but when it comes to writing out a small story it proposed a little challenge.

This assignment was fun to do but also a little challenging because it only gave you 20 seconds to draw and I am such a basic drawer- literally stick figures. I did it about 6 different times and it took me a while for the net to guess them all correct (my first time it only guessed 1 correctly). Check out my artistic skills!


Meme feels

Today in class I created my first memes! Sometimes the week feels so long and it takes forever, especially when it’s a tough one, and since it’s not yet the weekend (hurry up please!) these express how I go through the motions. Cannot wait for the weekend, so happy when it’s the weekend, then sad it’s over so quick!  I learned how to use Photoshop by saving images from Google and converting them to pds, then adding texts and playing around with that, then saving them as jpgs to export them to the web. Now they are on the web and in this blog; hope you can relate to these mermaid meme feels!

My First GIF

I was sick with the flu when this post was due but this is my first GIF! This is how I feel when I don’t want to be bothered and just want to hide from work and school. But of course life goes on, I got better and am back to doing what needs to be done- no more hiding.

FYI wash your hands constantly because the flu is no fun and it’s contagious- trust me.