Gif the Portrait.

Learning how to create an animated gif portrait using Photoshop was a little tricky but I ended up getting the hang of it pretty quickly. First things first, you find a portrait of your choice in Google, but you want to make sure the image is set as large. Then, you open the picture in Photoshop and edit it at least 4 times, each time is different. After you’re done with that, you create a frame animation with the 4 different pictures. In order to give your portrait that gif-like effect, you have to make sure each picture is about 0.1 seconds long and loop it. The loop option is called “Forever”. I am really pleased with my results and now I just want to make a bunch of them!

Project Ideas.

In the DS106 Assignment Bank, there are so many different categories to choose from. There are categories that fall in writing, visual, audio and plenty more. I love how there are so many options from me to choose from so I can eventually learn how to master them all! Well okay, not all but a decent amount. These are two assignments I am excited about being able to complete myself if I got the chance to.

The first assignment that has my caught my attention is a visual assignment:

I chose this assignment because the outcome of the photo just looks so cool to me. I’ve always seen photos like this and wondered how can people make a crazy photo look so perfect? I also feel like this assignment wouldn’t be so hard to accomplish. It seems like you’d just need about 3-5 different photos and a specific type of software to help put all of them together into this type of compilation. This is an assignment I look forward to, for sure.

The second assignment that looks intriguing to me is from the Mashup category:

I chose this assignment because it seems fun to be able to do. Imagine being able to choose your favorite character from ANY movie and getting to create a montage of how they’ve grown from time to time? I can only imagine how the outcome will be but I know this will take lots and lots of effort. I wonder what kind of software you would have to use so it comes out perfect. I would definitely enjoy getting this assignment done.


Meme & Her.

Memes have become a popular way to express different emotions. They are usually made to make people laugh. In my Digital Storytelling class, I learned how to create my own meme. There are plenty of meme generators that can be used to create your own but I learned how to create one with the software, Photoshop. The funniest memes are usually the ones that are the most relatable. Here are some of my favorites:

Since I have finally learned how to create my own memes, here a few original ones of my own:



My first GIF Post.

I learned how to create my own gifs in class last week and ever since then, I  couldn’t get myself to stop! I’ve always wondered how people would make them, especially because I’ve always seen them on Tumblr and I don’t know why I always thought it was so hard to do! One website we were introduced to for creating gifs was Imgur. The other website is called Giphy. I personally like Imgur more but I also like how on Giphy, you have so many options for edits and to make your gifs look more unique! Here are the first gifs I’ve created in class. The first gif was creating with Imgur. The second one with Giphy! I am so excited to see what else I am going to learn in this class. Definitely my favorite class this semester!This is a gif from Little Mix’s music video “Move”.

This is a gif from an episode of Wild’n Out with Zendaya.

making me happy post.

So for my second week of my Digital Storytelling class, I have to blog about something that makes me happy. There are many different things that makes me happy but I’ll try to keep it at a minimum. I love music with a passion. I have so many favorite songs and favorite artists that I enjoy listening to. I literally cannot go a day without listening to my playlist that I have created on my Spotify. Another thing that makes me happy would have to be FOOD. I’ve been craving chipotle so much lately and as bad as that sounds, I can’t help it. Chipotle is just too good. One more thing that I adore more than anything and always makes me happy would have to be sleeping, of course. Sleeping makes me the happiest simply because it drives me away from my problems and thoughts for a while. I mean, who else doesn’t like to sleep? I barely get enough nowadays because my sleeping schedule is WAY off but when I do? It’s amazing. That’s pretty much it for this post, I can go on and on but I won’t so, to end this blog post, here’s a favorite gif of mine from one of my favorite tv shows! Ross is giving Rachel “The Friendly Finger”.