Final Reflection Review

This class was Amazing My classmates were engaging and really helpful. My professor was informative and addressed the student’s concerns.  We were encouraged to express our creativity and think of different ways to express our passions. The students came up with different ideas to help each other enhance our sites.  We were directed to sites that helped… Continue reading Final Reflection Review

Love this poem

I think this poem is very timely, considering the times we are living in.


These are 5 goals I would like to accomplish before I die. 1. Meet Oprah WInfrey…yeah I know. Don’t judge me 2.WIn a Grammy, maybe 32 😕 3. Go to China 4. Learn Karate 5. Meet the president. Not neccesarily in this order

Sad Day

Unfortunately, this class is coming to a close. I wish there were more classes like this. I never encountered a professor who was willing to create a a great learning environment. He encouraged us to learn and even allowed us to create our own syllabus. Definitely going to miss this class.

CT101 Digital Storytelling